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Book Review ~ The Minimalist Home By Joshua Becker

About the Book

Megablogger and international speaker, Joshua Becker, believes that minimalism isn’t about taking away from you. It’s about giving you something more.
In this highly practical guide, Becker takes you on a decluttering tour through every space in your house so you can love coming home—and love going out to live your dreams. Here you’ll discover…

  • How to tell your story through an inviting living room
  • What your clothes closet has to do with your self-confidence
  • Why less clutter in your bedroom helps you sleep better
  • How to decide what paperwork to keep and what to throw out
  • Which kitchen utensils are worth keeping
  • How to involve your family in the minimalist adventure

As Becker writes, “Minimalism doesn’t change you all by itself. It creates a context where it’s easier for you to change yourself.” Change starts one closet, one drawer, one room at a time. Change starts here.






4 Stars


The Minimalist Home is not only a wonderful guide for reinventing your home and personal space in a healthy and masterful way—and with satisfactory precision—but it also inspires a deeper search into the soul for a more meaningful and fulfilling life, which in turn inspire those around a minimalist to do the same.

Becker takes the time to prepare the heart of the reader in a pleasantly persuasive way that presents the daunting task of minimalizing in a realistic but simple way that paces progress in a manner that is encouraging for the enire household.

The Minimalist Home does NOT in any way insist that people sbould live with less than their needs. On the contrary. It rather highlights the beauty of the materials that supply those needs and some amazing wants so that they are more highly valued and better enjoyed by homeowners after clutter in disguise have been removed.

The Minimalist Home is a terrific guide for anyone—new to the idea or not—who wants healthier space in their beautiful home, but have no idea how to begin.

About the Author

Joshua Becker is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website that inspires more than one million readers each month to find more fulfillment in life by owning less. He is also the cofounder of the popular digital publication, Simplify Magazine, and the bestselling (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Amazon, Audible) author of several books, including The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own. Joshua and his family live in Peoria, Arizona.