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Album Review ~ The Ruins By The Ruins



Release Date

February 1, 2019.


4.5 Stars


The Ruins present an honest expression of human struggles in the journey of faith—one full of hope and faith in God’s promises, and with a positive spirit that reflects deep passion, in a soft, mature, and pleasant manner.

The Ruins are a fresh voice with urban lyrics that speak with a unique flavor of metaphor which  is impressively interesting, and expressed with an eclectic blend of pop and alternative, which in itself, is also impressive. With this type of music, The Ruins look like they’re here to stay.


About The Ruins

The Group’s debut EP on DREAM Records will be releasing on February 1st, 2019. It is their soul-stirring revelation of grace and redemption; their razor-sharp pop sensibilities, and the generosity of two artists who know how to ebb and flow, give and take, while balancing reality with hope. The debut radio single will be Deliverance. It is a pop-alternative gem that captures the essence of the duo—sonically and philosophically. Deliverance released on January 18th alongside the start date of their pre-order of the album, which will ultimately release on February 1st.