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Book Review ~ Eat Live Thrive Diet: A Lifestyle Plan to Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism By Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson

About the Book


Experience new hope, freedom, and success by changing your habits from the inside out!

Explore this science-based plan that explains why you gain weight with age—a plan that equips you to permanently lose pounds and inches as you embrace health and vitality. Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson offer understanding and encouragement as they share personal experiences of battling weight and emotional eating.

  • Tips for food substitution, delicious recipes, and healthy shortcuts help you easily adopt a new way of living.
  • This three-phase nutritional kourney allows you to personalize your tramsformation.
  • God-centered principles, such as renewing the mind, prepare you for lasting change.
  • Simple steps enable you to replace unhealthy thoughts with life-changing truths to fuel new desires and behaviors.

In addition to losing weight, you’ll learn how to improve your overall health in critical areas such as brain function, disease prevention, andnslowing down aging process.




Health & Fitness/ Diet & Nutrition


4 Stars


The ELT Book was written to debunk the myth that a [middle-aged] woman’s best body, health, and life are in the past. Passionately put together by Demetre and Thomson, these two women demonstrate through thorough research and bold practice of the ELT lifestyle, constructed after each woman—as well as other people they knew—had suffered bad health due to lack of understanding of their metabolic systems as well as less than pleasant reactions to certain categories of food. After a long bittersweet journey, they eventually sorted out what never worked for each of their bodies, including in the plan the categories of food that their bodies thrived with. Combined with exercise routines that worked and a positive mindset, the ELT Lifestyle was born—a plan that includes Scripture for healing the soul, elevating the mind, and the teaching that God and His Word support the very best of healthy lifestyle.

The beauty of the ELT Diet plan is that it is as flexible and manageable as every woman’s body. Demetre and Thomson encourage every woman to be patient in discovering what works best for their body, and should then develop a fitting diet realistic to their current lifestyle.

The ultimate aim of the ELT Diet Plan is to rev up your metabolism. While it’s written with middle-age women in mind, Demetre and Thomson encourage an early start in life. The full package first prepares your mind with Scripture, leads you to discover and make a plan that works for your body, and then educates you on several categories of food from fast food to organic, and finally helps you pick an exercise routine, also offering simple recipes that work and you could tweek to your personal preference.

About the Authors

Danna Demetre, RN, is an author, speaker, and cofounder of the popular website, Lean Healthy Ageless, which equips women to reach their lifestyle goals through practical tools and messages of faith and hope. She has appeared as an expert guest on many broadcasts, including The 700 Club, ABC News Now, and Midday Connection.

Robyn Thomson is an advanced clinical weight-loss partitioner trained by top doctors and scientists in the industry. Through seminars, workshops, and coaching, she helps people lose weight, improve their nutrition, and get more active.