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Book Review ~ The Way Of The Warrior: An Ancient Path To Inner Peace By Erwin Raphael McManus

About the Book

Best-selling author, pastor, futurist, and cultural thought leader believes that to experience and establish peace, we must first confront the battles that rage within.

McManus shows that encountering peace does not occur by accident, but rather by artful intention. Warrior is a call to decisiveness, self-examination, and the pursuit of spiritual wholeness. Through the ancient biblical practices of humility, focus, ownership, clarity, strength, and vulnerability, he guides readers to a deeper understanding of their inner workings and provides the guidance they need to establish peace and tranquility in their homes, neighborhoods, communities, and even the world! In the style of a battle-wizened teacher, McManus delivers wisdom, instills passion, and provides the sacred movements needed to become the warrior you were meant to be.




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4.5 Stars


With an artful, poignant and compassionate voice, McManus leads with a message of what it truly means to be a warrior in our day.

Worry. Anxiety. Fear. Doubt. All four disturb our peace and threaten true freedom. To fight and conquer them—the greatest war to ever be fought by any individual—is to know true peace. This is what it means to be a warrior; the path of the warrior is the path of inner peace and not outward violence.

With clear-eyed but bold vulnerability and healthy doses of life’s experience thrown in, and then combined with the message of the Gospel, McManus weaves a beautiful illustration of what is worth fighting for in our world—the soul—by overcoming one’s shadows and demons that lurk within us. When this battle is won in the ideal sense, there will be no battle left outwardly to fight, for every war first started in the heart.

McManus presents a tangible approach to conquering which would include embracing life and its inadequacies by looking through the lens of faith on a whole new level, possible only on the platform of peace—the kind that only Jesus, the True Peace Warrior, can offer. Faith begets peace. Peace begets faith, and the cycle continues—a journey worth embarking on if life will be enjoyed to the fullest as God intended. Through McManus’ illustrations, it becomes infallibly clear that the only way to truly live is to follow the path of peace. And the path of peace is The Way of the [true] Warrior.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to Waterbrook Multnomah for a free paperback copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


About the Author

Erwin Raphael McManus is an iconoclast, artist, and cultural thought leader known for his integration of creativity and spirituality. He is the founder of MOSAIC, a church movement started at the heart of Hollywood with campuses across Los Angeles, Orange County, and Mexico City, and a global community that spans around the world. Erwin is the acclaimed author of The Last Arrow, The Artisan Soul, Soul Cravings, and The Barbarian Way. His books have sold more than a million copies worldwide. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Kim.