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Author Scoop ~ Interview With Eniola Prentice

It’s my pleasure to present author, Eniola Prentice’s new book on TBAP today! I first discovered Eniola when she emailed me a few years ago about her new book then, Still, and ever since, she has remained on my heart. Mercy, the second book in the Still series, promises to be a delightful read and thrilling journey. Eniola took the time to tell us a bit about her journey in life and in writing the series. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Eniola! Delighted to have you visit TBAP today! Please tell us a bit about yourself that we don’t already know.

Eniola: I am Edo and Yoruba, two different tribes from Nigeria. I am a recovering reality TV addict. I say “recovering” because I cannot resist watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Miranda ~ Describe the moment that led you to make Jesus your personal Lord and Savior.

Eniola: There wasn’t an exact moment. It was a gradual process of God drawing me closer. When I started medical school, I had a lot of questions for God and about God. Gradually, some of those questions were answered, while others remain unanswered. I’ve learnt/keep learning to trust Him, even with the unanswered questions. I remember reading a book written by Kenneth Hagin around that time and thinking that he seemed so sure of his belief in God. I decided to follow Christ due to the influence of that book. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but following Christ is the only choice for me.

Miranda ~ What inspired you to start the Still series?

Eniola: I was influenced by the collective experiences of my classmates in medical school and an idea that started as a spark. In medical school, everyone had a story. I was intrigued by these stories and wanted to tell them. I liked the interplay of multiple characters within the backdrop of medical school. I also wanted to give readers a real sense of how it is to be part of this unique experience of medicine. More importantly, the core story of Still needs to be told. I hope God brings healing to hurting hearts through my novel.

Miranda ~ What authors have inspired you to write in the genre that you do—new and old?

Eniola: When I was younger, I was influenced by an eclectic group of writers including Enid Blyton, Francine Pascal and Ann Martin. Then later I was influenced by Francine Rivers, Marian Keyes and Nigerian authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Sefi Atta.

Miranda ~ In what way would you say you’ve grown as a person and as a writer since you released Still?

Eniola: I wrote in my bio that the girl who wrote Still is different from the woman who wrote Mercy. It’s been painful submitting to the pruning process of the Father. But I know He is producing new wine from me through the crushing process.

Thank you, Eniola, for visiting today!

About Eniola Prentice

My journey as a writer began with an idea—an idea that blossomed into a vision for the Still series. I became fully committed to Christ around 2008 when I began medical school. Shortly after, the idea for the Still series was birthed. My time in medical school was one of the more formative seasons of my life. I made lifelong friendships and, most of all, my journey with Christ really began. Although there were challenging times, I would without a doubt relive the experience in a heartbeat!

I published Still (book 1 in the series) right before residency, and now—five years later—the next book in the series has been published. In the time in between, I was the prodigal daughter and walked away from my Father. Everything on the surface looked good, but my heart was far away from Him. His love never left me, though, and He welcomed me home when I came back to Him. I went through painful processes, but they changed me and made me a better person. The girl who wrote Still is not the woman who wrote Mercy.

I am passionate about sowing godly seeds into the hearts of young women. I know how it is to be brokenhearted and believe the lies of the devil because his version of events is all you’re told. I know how it is to truly believe that you are not loved by God because of the events of life.

My hope is that, through my writing, you’ll come to know that God truly loves you and cares about you affectionately. He is close to your broken heart and binds up every wound.

I guess the author bio should be about milestones and, like the quintessential dramatic Nigerian aunty, I have missed the mark. I am a Nigerian-born, American-educated physician who lives in Maryland—but I believe I am more than well-constructed bullet points. I am a child of God through the ups and downs of life, and that will remain constant.

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