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Movie Review ~ Run The Race By Reserve Entertainment





Blu Ray/DVD Release Date

May 21, 2019.


4 Stars


Run The Race is a story that takes you on a journey of two brothers with opposite beliefs and opinions about life, but with a brotherly love and bond that trancends their differences.

Being thrown curve ball after  curve ball, together the two brothers weather the storms of life, leaning on each other for strength, until a storm comes along that shows one brother is able to stand firm because of his beliefs, and the other is eventually brought face to face with the abounding grace of God, and drawn even closer to Him by his brother’s life testimony; a final test of faith thrusts him into a realm where his faith in the all-loving God is cemented—a God Whose ultimate plan is better than that of both brothers—and dreams are fulfilled in a magnitude that spins an inspiring tale of the love and faithfulness of God, even with past sorrowful events not fully understood. Healing comes and extends to those closest to the brothers, and the story ends with a theme of “hope that never disappoints” —not because the future promises no pain, but because the future is in God’s faithful hands. A theme of faith fully embedded in tested trust, and a theme of love that forgives because it covers a multitude of sins.