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Book Review ~ Dear Grandchild, This Is Me By Waterbrook Multnomah

About the Book

Preseving the Family Legacy

A Heartfelt Keepsake for Your Grandchild, Inspired by You
Being a grandparent is a wonderfully rewarding experience. With this valuable keepsake, you can gift your voice and memories to future generations. Whether providing snapshots of your childhood, details of your heritage, or your declassified personal “secrets,” your grandchild will treasure this glimpse into your unique story.






4 Stars


Waterbrook Multnomah brings another piece that adds to the beauty and collection of family, keepsakes, and legacies. With this easy to use book, an individual could write their story, capturing experiences in photos, words, letters, and other materials that portray one’s steps in their journey of life. This makes for a more fun and intimate communication between the present and the future, bringing it to flesh in the most real and organic way. As with a journal but much deeper, you can tell your story through your eyes and personal tangibles, which is uniquely fresh.

This Keepsake, in some ways, provides profound insight into your present journey as you handle and choose the tangibles that will tell your story,  because it persuades you to be more intentional about making memories that matter.

A truly beautiful way to tell your story through your eyes over time! With this, you’re sure to make a neat and interesting autobiography.