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Book Review ~ Test Of Faith: Surviving My Daughter’s Life Sentence By Bonnie S. Hirst

About the Book

Bonnie S. Hirst is a woman of faith who has always believed that everything in life works out for the best. So, when her daughter, Lacey, is accused of a terrible crime, although Bonnie is devastated, she is also convinced that God will protect her family from harm. He always has, after all. But when her prayers are not answered and Lacey is sentenced to life in prison, Bonnie questions every aspect of her existence: her beliefs, her role as a mother, and the purpose behind the events that are tearing her family apart.
As Bonnie and her family navigate the complicated labyrinth of the legal system, she struggles with the duality of presenting a façade of being okay on the outside and screaming for air on the inside. Finally, she is guided to ask for help—a concept previously foreign to her—and is rewarded with a bubble of friends who surround her and her family with love. Poignant, hopeful, and ultimately uplifting, Test of Faith is the story of one mother’s spiritual journey of awareness—and her discovery that even when your life seems to have radically veered off course, there are always blessings to be found, if you can just keep your heart open enough to receive them.






4 Stars


A heartwrenching and provocative story that steers the heart down a path where a reader is sure to come out on the other side of the story deeply affected after much contemplation.

Hirst tells the true story of the difficulties her family faced during a murder trial that eventually left her daughter convicted with a life sentence. Disillusioned by the consequence of misplaced trust in the system and in certain people—some close, others, acquaintances—Hirst and her family, including her daughter, learn to look up to God, develop a personal relationship with Him, and draw from His grace daily, despite unfair hardship and accusations. In the end, Hirst makes a case for absolute trust in God no matter the outcome—a trust that can only be born through the fires of trials that test and mature the kind of faith that says “yes” to God’s will, even when one doesn’t understand the unfairness that may follow.

It is commendable how Hirst’s memoir reads like a mystery fiction, so much so that one might stop often to check the genre just to make sure it isn’t.

An honest and gripping story of pain, loss, trust, and hope.

Note: Contains some cussing in isolated scenes as well as non-Christian spiritual indulgence, which altogether do not amount to 2% of the written words.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. Much appreciation to JKS Communications and the author, Bonnie S. Hirst, for a free copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

About The Author

Bonnie S. Hirst is the author of Test of Faith: Surviving My Daughter’s Life Sentence (She Writes Press, Sept. 24, 2019). She loves feel-good movies and stories with happy endings. After a 35-year hiatus from writing during which time she was busy being a mom and grandma, she is enjoying connecting with other writers. When life tries to shorten her stride, she prays, cries, talks with her guardian angels, reads self-help books, and writes. She can often be found kayaking on a calm mountain lake. For more, visit her personal website.