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Scoop ~ Interview With Northwood Worship

Northwood Worship is a group of songwriting friends who are also pastors and worship leaders at Northwood Church, whose new album, Who You Are, has a genre that offers the beautiful element of a different taste than the conventional contemporary praise/worship that most worship teams are known for, and they do it in a way that shows diversity and open-heartedness in songwriting, music style and sound. NW took the time to share some thoughts with TBAP today. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello! Super glad to have Northwood Worship visit TBAP today. Tell us a bit about NW?

NW: Thanks so much for having us. We are a group of friends that all attend Northwood Church on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’ve done some different projects over the years, but really got serious to do a new album about 2 years ago. Since that time, we got hooked up with Dream Worship and so we’re excited to seeing this album get out there.

Miranda ~ NW has a unique brand of genre, a little different than the traditional contemporary praise/worship, and more on the electronic pop/rock side. How did NW arrive at this genre?

NW: So we really approached the writing of these songs from a very open place. We didn’t lock ourselves into a certain sound or style. We basically just said “hey, let’s write songs that we feel matter and with whatever style matches them.” From there we just started writing and trying different things. We’ve left a lot on the cutting room floor and also rewrote some of the songs 2 and 3 times before getting them where we felt they needed to be. Each of the songs has a lot of meaning to us and we wrote them from a very honest place. Some were written about things that we were facing in our own lives.

Miranda ~ You have a new album, Who You Are! What do you hope to offer listeners with Who You Are album and, why this particular title?

NW: So Who You Are is the title track. This was one of those songs that we wrote a couple of different times before we felt it was solid. It actually came from a conversation with a local business man in our community who was talking about the cross. He was talking about how it wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus on the cross, but His love for us. That thought stuck and we ended up discussing that and writing Who You Are from there. It’s about Jesus being our peace, hope, and friend. Also, about His great love and forgiveness that was perfectly displayed in His life, death, burial and resurrection. The fact that we can have life because of Him. So we hope that people who hear this album are continually drawn back to the Gospel of Jesus. That ultimately they’ll see that what they need is found in Jesus. That who we need is who He is.

Miranda ~ What would you say is the calling of Northwood Worship in the midst of the Christian music industry? In light of your above answer, what does NW hope to accomplish for God and the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth?

NW: I think that our calling is to write the songs that God gives us and whatever that accomplishes in the industry is great.

As far as what it accomplishes in the Kingdom, I’d have to refer back to what was said previously. At the end of the day, as believers, we are called to advance the kingdom of God by living out and declaring the gospel. Jesus is the center of our hope and purpose. If we could hear anything that would light us up about this album, it would be that someone comes to know Jesus in a real life-changing way.

Miranda ~ How does NW stay grounded in maintaining its core message?

NW: I believe this happens because we are honestly just pastors and worship leaders in our local church. Each week we lead and serve people. Nothing keeps the message and goal more clear than serving and loving people like God has loved us. 

About Northwood Worship

Northwood Worship is the worship ministry of Northwood Church which has multiple locations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Northwood Church exists to help people know God. Their hope is that whether you’re listening to their songs in your car, or singing them in your Sunday church service, you’ll be able to connect with God in a real and unique way.