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Scoop ~ Interview With Country Music Band, True Heart Music

True Heart Music band, made up of Joe Kantz, Scott Bordner, and Scott’s daughter, Jocelyn, is a group true to their name. This is shown with their heart and in the lyrics of their songs, which carry simple messages that we find in Scripture, but with deep meanings that travel and settle in the depths of the soul. Their new project, One Simple Message (read the TBAP review here), exemplifies this perfectly. Speaking a bit of their journey and their music, True Heart took the time to answer some questions on TBAP. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello! So good to have you on TBAP! Please tell us a bit about True Heart Music. Also, how did you choose the name for your group?

Scott: We describe our musical style as Christian Country. The opportunity to spread the message of Jesus and the free gift of Salvation to those who will accept Him, and the ability to do that through country music, which we love, is a great combination.

The name, True Heart, comes directly from Scripture, Hebrews 10:22, which says, “Let us draw near with a True Heart, in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies, washed with pure water.

Miranda ~ How did the three of you meet, come together, and at what moment did you agree that each of you was a good fit for the Group, and then decide to go professional?

Scott: In 1993, my brother, Mike, and I were looking for another vocalist, a high tenor, to sing the Third Harmony in the newly formed group, True Heart. We were referred to Joe, who coincidentally was not a tenor, but his voice and heart made us realize he was the right person to round out the group. Many years later, after Mike was no longer able to continue with the group, and a few years of Joe and I travelling as a vocal duo, Scott’s daughter, Jocelyn, became a full time member of the group in 2017. The three-part harmony was instantly tight, as a family group may be.

Miranda ~ How do you write your songs? What inspires your lyrics, and, particularly, your style of music?

Scott: Joe has been most instrumental in writing a few of the songs we perform and have recorded. He can provide more detail, but the content generally comes from notes he has taken during sermons at church. Our sound is inspired by our love for three-part harmony, and the Country sound we all feel at home with. I contribute live on stage with many of the instruments found in traditional country music, including acoustic flat picking, electric lead, dobro, and banjo.

Joe: I keep a notebook of phrases that strike me when I hear them. Normally they will sit for awhile until the song comes together in my mind. Most of the phrases will come from Sunday morning sermons in my church. Normally, when I write a song, it will be after I go to bed. I’ll sort of wake up and I just have to write the song before I go back to sleep. Normally, I’ll write the whole song in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes. I’ll get up and record the melody line on my phone’s recording app (used to be on a small cassette recorder for note taking). On the past few songs I’ve written, I’ve collaborated with a friend from Nashville who is a full-time song writer.

Miranda ~ You titled your debut album, One Simple Message. Why this album title?

ScottOne Simple Message was a perfect fit as a name for our new project. Each song has a common message of Jesus and a relationship with Him. Each song also has a specific subject. If you’re a Christian, the message of encouragement, loving others as Christ loves us, spreading the gospel, and proclaiming that message to others, run through the songs. Still, other songs remind everyone, no matter where they are, that Jesus loves them, and it is no secret what God can do in their lives.

Miranda ~ Coming into the world of music, what do you bring with you? What message do you hope to pass across with your lives, your voices, your career?

Scott: The greatest thing we all bring to True Heart Music is our commitment to Jesus, and the desire to tell others about Him. There’s no greater reward than we can achieve, but to know that we have encouraged someone or provided them the way to find Jesus right where they are. We all have been blessed musically, and it is our intent to use that for His glory, whether that platform is a church, fair, dinner concert, or just a person we encounter that we are able to give a CD or Bible to.

Joe: For me, I bring a desire to share the gospel message in song. I believe God has given me a talent for harmony. I can always find a harmony. Scott and I have been singing together for so long now (26 years) that I can jump in if he’s singing a song the first time through and usually pick up a good harmony line. Now that Jocelyn has joined us, it sounds even better when the third part is added. Our goal is to reach lost souls with the saving message that Jesus loves them and died for them. That is the #1 goal. If we happen to get out music played on radio stations or get to sing in front of thousands of people, that is a bonus. It is not our primary goal unless it meets our #1 goal of reaching people with the life-saving message of God’s love.

This or That (The Fun Qs)

Coffee or Tea?
Jocelyn: I don’t drink either!
Joe: Tea
Scott: Iced tea
Gym or Outdoor?
Jocelyn: Both.
Joe: Outdoor
Scott: Gym
Heels or Boots?
Jocelyn: Boots with a heel
Joe: Boots (Ariat cowboy boots)
Scott: Boots (Cowboy…of course!!)
Running or Walking?
Jocelyn: Walking
Joe: Walking (preferably in the woods)
Scott: Walking (running as required)
Cereal or Fruit?
Jocelyn: Usually fruit
Joe: Cereal (with fruit)
Scott: Fruit on my cereal
Movies or Books?
Jocelyn: Movies
Joe: Movies
Scott: Movies
Cleaning or Cooking?
Jocelyn: Cooking (and then eating!)
Joe: Cleaning
Scott: Cleaning (Cars and Guitars)
Summer or Spring?
Jocelyn: Summer
Joe: Spring
Scott: Spring
Rain or Snow?
Jocelyn: Rain
Joe: Snow
Scott: Rain
Blazer or Leather Jacket?
Jocelyn: Neither!
Joe: Leather Jacket
Scott: Leather Jacket

About True Heart Music

Joe Kantz and Scott Bordner have been singing together since 1993. Their style change to Christian Country has blessed them with a Vocal Duo of the Year award in 2015 and a Number One Song, Wouldn’t You Do this for Me in 2016. In 2018, they added the addition of Scott’s daughter, Jocelyn Bordner to the group and changed their ministry name to True Heart Music. The project, One Simple Message is their first full length release featuring the 3 part vocal band. Their Country style is energetic while their message is straight forward, singing about the Love of Jesus and encouraging a relationship with Him.