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Article ~ Conversations with God (Part 1): Layered Promises

Study of Scripture shows that God’s promises are often more than they appear to be. God gives a promise. We hear it through the filter of our experiences and what culture interprets the literal words to mean. And despite God being aware of our small-minded interpretation, He often remains silent, choosing to teach us a higher way and understanding on the path of obedience, pacing us as our strength and maturity grows with revelation upon revelation.

Through seasons of purification, testing and preparation that are tougher and more painful than you originally anticipated, you realize that you’re in on something bigger than you, and that the future is full of uncertainties; by this time it’s too late to turn back to the old normal, because it is now impossible to unsee, unlearn and unknow what you’ve been taught by God Himself and have received through revelation. You’ve experienced a paradigm shift that can’t be undone, and beyond what you were ever taught in Sunday School, you’ve seen the face of God, and it is brighter than what you ever imagined. This is a path where you grow and receive love, faith and hope on fresh levels you never even understood existed, and are taught to let it flow to others.

This moment—in the middle where revelation becomes “too wonderful,” that it is scary —is where many give up, choosing to disbelieve (not unbelieve) what God told them. [This is, in fact, what happened to the young prophet who was deceived by the old prophet (1 Kings 13:1-33)].

Are you presently on a path where you’ve suddenly realized that what lies ahead is way bigger than what you originally envisioned, and so you long for the simplicity of yesterday’s normal—when faith was easier?

You’re not alone.

It was this way for Joseph. The path through slavery and being a forgotten prisoner in Pharaoh’s dungeon was not even close to what he imagined, when he first received the dream that revealed he’d one day sit on a throne as Egypt’s governor, second only to Pharaoh himself. But it was through this path that Israel was preserved for when God was ready to settle them in the Promised Land. God’s promise to Joseph was bigger than him.

It was the same with David. He had no idea that the way to the throne would involve nearly twenty years of running and hiding from his enemies in caves and deserts. But God’s promise to David was bigger than him. He would be the king whose earthly line would produce the Messiah, allowing Jesus to be legimately king on earth just as He was in heaven. And since salvation came out of Israel, Israel’s reigning king would be rightly king over all on earth who are saved through this salvation.

It was the same with Esther. Becoming queen included the plan to preserve Israel until God was ready to bring them out of Babylon after 70 years of captivity, as the Prophet Jeremiah prophesied. This was bigger than her.

It was also this way for Jesus’ disciples and followers in His day. They thought they were receiving an earthly king who would rise and overthrow the Roman Empire, rather than one who would ultimately save them from the captivity of the god of this world. God had a plan bigger than their dreams and everything they could possibly imagine, one that included the whole world, beyond the borders of earthly Israel.

When God gives a promise, it is ALWAYS more than you initially perceive.  It is ALWAYS layered with events, objectives and revelations that will ONLY be made known on/after the path of obedience. When you find yourself in moments where you wonder if you’re going crazy believing (and even questioning) what God said, allow the signs and miracles you’ve experienced along the way to remind you that you indeed heard God speak (because such miracles are beyond your wisdom and capability). Pay most attention to the miracles of faith, hope and love that have grown you since you started this journey, acknowledging that they were only possible because of the faith that believed all things and obeyed what you were told. Reaffirm your trust in God moment by moment (not trying to believe for tomorrow or wondering how you can make your faith last for as long as the waiting season. You’ll fall into despair and your faith will collapse), and hold on to what you’ve heard despite what you see playing out in front of you, because the God you serve is One who does the impossible. As impossible as the promise may appear to be, it is imperative that you trust so that you can obey. You can’t obey if you don’t first trust.

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