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Book Review ~ Moving Beyond Anxiety By David Chadwick

About the Book

12 Ways God Can Help You

Conquer Anxiety

Do you feel like a cloud of worry follows wherever you go? Do you dread the unknown? In today’s anxiety economy its raising stress levels, it’s no secret that fear is often at the root of our problems.

The key to overcoming your anxiety is found in the person of Jesus. He calls us to trust rather than despair—to “not be anxious” (Matthew 6:25), and to cast all our cares on him (1 Peter 5:7).

Author David Chadwick shares 12 ways you can overcome life’s fears and worries—all of which come straight from Scripture and include…

Focusing on faith
Caring for your health
Remembering God’s promises
Finding good teammates
Developing an eternal perspective

Moving Beyond Anxiety will equip you to defeat worry and fear by trusting God and exercising your faith daily. As you immerse yourself in God’s truth, you will discover it is truly the most powerful antidote to anxiety.




Christian Living/Faith/Anxiety


4.5 Stars


This book dives deep and explores the true meaning of anxiety, dissecting and separating it from other kinds of fears such as dread, etc. Then Chadwick goes ahead to line up the numerous tools set in place by God in Scripture for His children to use to overcome, with faith as the foundation for each of these tools to work—such as prayer, fasting, casting cares, thanksgiving/singing, etc.—and also deeply explores each of these tools and their powerful effect in building up the human spirit. God’s promises are opened up in a refreshing way, showing the power of God to tear down the destructive lies of the enemy, so that one is set free through the truth and the constant meditation of the truth.

At a time when almost everything in the world is wired to trigger anxiety (and such causes are also mentioned and explored), this book is timely in its arrival to encourage the Christian on their tough journey.

About the David Chadwick

David Chadwick has been a pastor for almost 40 years.  Along with this theological degrees, he earned a Specialist’s degree in counseling.  The love of his life is Marilynn, his wife for more than 40 years.  He has three children, Bethany, David, and Michael.  They are all married and have given David and Marilynn one of the great joys of their lives: six grandchildren.  David loves Jesus, his family, the church, and basketball—in that order.  He especially loves seeing people understand the power of Jesus’s grace to change a heart.