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Entertainment Scoop ~ Interview with Director & Producer, Lance Hool

Lance Hool is a producer, director, executive producer, writer and actor who’s been in Hollywood and in the business of filmmaking for over four decades, even being directly responsible for 25 major projects, two of which hit #1 at the US Box Office. Lance has taken the time to share with us today a bit about himself and his journey in making his latest movie, 2 Hearts (read the TBAP review here), to be released in theaters on October 16, 2020. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Lance! It’s a pleasure to have you visit TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Lance: I grew up in a family full of love, art, and great story tellers. I consider myself an artist story-teller.

Miranda ~ How did you first get into filmmaking?

Lance: As a child I loved making movies on a browny camera, watching my mother create beautiful dance numbers for her concerts, movies and TV shows, and my grandmother act on the theater stage. My earliest memory is watching my grandmother be chased on a movie stage by Dracula during a filming of a Mexican film version of the novel. As a teenager I put together and played on several rock and roll bands, and when an opportunity to be a horse rider on a movie came up, I took the plunge. I uttered words when, I guess, I wasn’t supposed to, and the director liked what I did and said: “I guess I have to cover you now.” So, I was on camera and in the movie, Soldier Blue, in a short dialogue scene with Candice Bergen. I was an actor.

Miranda ~ Who would you say have influenced you the most in life, and, how have they done so?

Lance: My parents and grandparents showed me the beauty and miracle of life through love and respect.

Miranda ~ Who has influenced you the most professionally?

Lance: John Huston and Howard Hawks. I was fortunate to know them and work with them. I have always been an avid film viewer and have been influenced by many of the great artists that make films. I learn on every project.

Miranda ~ What drew you to the story of 2 Hearts, and why did you feel the need to make this film? Do you particularly have a passion for telling true stories?

Lance: I could find a great message in it. It speaks to all of us. Life is the ultimate gift. We must live it with honor and goodness. Yes, I have a passion for telling true stories. They let us know that we travel in this life with others from who we can learn and will instill in us passion, energy, love and awareness.

Miranda ~ 2 Hearts is unique in the sense that it follows two love stories that began years apart. You chose to press the “God” or “miraculous” factor into the background rather than make it more obvious. Why this method?

Lance: I want to reach everyone’s heart including those that do not believe in God and a higher meaning of life.

Miranda ~ What advice would you offer someone—writer or filmmaker—looking to turn a book story into a successful movie?

Lance: Keep in mind that you have at most a couple of hours to tell that story. Carefully pick those scenes that advance the plot and use the character in them.

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About Lance Hool

Lance Hool has a uniquely multifaceted background in the industry, working as an actor, writer, director, executive producer, distribution company chairman and now studio chief. Over more than four decades, he has produced 25 major motion pictures, two of which have reached No. 1 at the U.S. box office: Missing in Action (1984) and Man on Fire (2004). Hool currently heads Silver Lion Films, an independent finance and production company he established in 1987 with his brother Conrad, and Santa Fe Studios, the world’s first “green” film and television production facility.

Hool holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from La Universidad de las Américas. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.