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Movie Review ~ Before the Wrath

About the Movie

Based on true discoveries from the time of Christ.

While scholars debate the timing of the Rapture, the world has forgotten why this event is prophesied to occur in the first place; knowledge that was once understood by those in the first century. Today, researchers in the Middle-East have rediscovered ancient anthropological evidence that reveals how and why the Rapture must occur; unveiling new biblical insight that will reignite hope for believers and prepare the world for what’s coming.

Narrated by Kevin Sorbo and featuring:

 Jack Hibbs – Theologist and host of “Real Life” on SiriusXM
 Amir Tsarfati – Founder and President of Behold Israel
 Jan Markell – Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
 JD Farag – Theologist and Eschatologist
 Scott McConnell – Exec. Director of Lifeway Research
 Jay McCarl – Ancient Middle Eastern Anthropologist
 Lizette Dillinger – Qualitative Director of LifeWay Research

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Christianity/Christian Living/Rapture


5 Stars


Before the Wrath dives deeply into one of Christianity’s most profound mysteries, the Rapture, and meticulously lays out—not when—but why it has to happen, especially following the other events that Jesus had already established while He was here on earth, making the Rapture impossible not to happen; otherwise it would make God two things that He is not: a liar and a covenant-breaker. This movie goes all the way back to why Jesus was specific in choosing to be Galilean, and also chose disciples who would one day become the apostles, to be from Galilee. It exposes the significance of the culture at the time in explaining the gospels, and the magnitude of impact it would have on its listeners, so that it’s relevance is seen to be intricately woven into the very fabric of the gospel.

Before the Wrath is not only wonderfully educational and informative, it also explains the deep spiritual teachings that surround the Rapture of Christ’s Church. A true and necessary eye-opener for the Christian today and for those asking questions.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to Flyby Promotions and Ingenuity Films for a free screener in exchange for my honest opinion.