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Scoop ~ Interview with Chad Dorough of Royal Company

Royal Company is a group of passionare singers/songwriters that came together to make music to glorify God. They were first two, and then took off from there and grew into what they are now. They recently released a beautiful song, Love In Your Eyes, that’s both hopeful and heartwarming. Recently, TBAP had an interview with Chad Dorough, one of the cofounders of the group, and this is what he had to say:

Miranda ~ Hello! Glad to have you visit TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about Royal Company and your ministry as a group?

Chad – Thanks so much for having us! So, our music is a reflection of the love and acceptance we find in Jesus. We want to change the world through love, genuine relationships, and music. Our ministry motto is valuing human hearts over listeners. We care about every heart that hears one of our songs, and we go to great lengths to make sure we can connect with everyone. Music brings us together, but the love of Christ binds us together. We are trying to build a music / worship community where people are loved, not judged, where you belong even before you believe. We believe Jesus operated this way. (Mark 2:16-18) People are hungry for love and authenticity, and we hope that comes across in our music and relationships that we try to build. We have seen hundreds of lives changed and people impacted all around the world. So cool!!!

Miranda ~ What particularly led to the creation of Royal Company?

Chad – In short, I would say God’s leading. Haha! Honestly, He put all of the right people in the right place at the right time. If you want the longer story, we all ended up attending the same church, and I (Chad) started writing songs with Clay. I ended up booking a gig leading worship for a big youth event. And we pulled all the pieces together, and it honestly just stuck. We needed a name, and Clay came up with Royal Company. It’s meaning is two fold; when we worship, we are holding company with the King of kings, and then we ourselves have been adopted in to the royal family of God. Thanks be to Jesus and the blood of His sacrifice. (1 Peter 2:9-10) So, we started releasing music, and God opened the door to work with Dream Label Group. And that has been an amazing experience. God keeps leading, and we keep trying to be faithful with what He has given.

Miranda ~ What inspired the song, Love in your Eyes?

Chad – We were wanting to express that Jesus is all we need. In Him, you will lack nothing. We pulled from many different scriptures, and the song tells a story of what it’s like to roll with Jesus. The first lyric starts with what Jesus has done for us (shown us mercy) and that He has written a new future for us. We won’t take a step without Him; we hold on to Him. Then the chorus just celebrates that He’s all we need and that He is close. No doubt “Love In Your Eyes” sounds a little “Jesus is my boyfriendy” as far as titles go, but it expresses the intimacy we have with God. Jesus left His throne for skin and bones and got nose to nose with humanity. That is so cool and humbling. Not only that, we get to be partakers with the Spirit. Literally, we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; we have direct access to God at any moment because of Jesus!!!

Miranda ~ What is the principle that guides your songwriting as a team?

Chad – It’s all about Jesus. He is the meditator between God and mankind. No one gets to the Father except through Him. It’s not that He is greater than the Father or the Spirit. It just starts with Jesus. So, if we want people to know Him, our music must point to Him. We go to great lengths to have good theology and not be misunderstood. Musically……we love to dance, so we do pop production with memorable melodies and worshipful lyrics. Most of our songs start on acoustic guitar or piano and then end up being super poppy. That is on purpose because we want people to come to know Jesus through our music. What’s pop stand for? Popular! Right there we are trying to hit a style that will be attractive to the widest net of people while also being a means of worship for the Christian listener.

Miranda ~ What do you believe you bring to the Christian music scene that may be missing today?

Chad – This is tough to answer because there is amazing Christian music being written and released these days. We hope our music does two things, glorifies God in a vertical manner and builds relationships. I don’t know of too many artists that will go as far as we go to connect with our listeners and pray for them. If you follow us on Instagram, I promise we will reach out. If you text a prayer request to our number, you’re prayed for. If you care enough to listen, we care enough to know you and do life with you. It’s harder work but worth it. We wouldn’t trade the experience of putting people first.

Miranda ~ As a team, what are you most grateful for?

Chad – Jesus! We are all broken but healed in Christ. He has put us together personally and as a band. We will be faithful to Him and what He has called us to do. There won’t be any stopping until He gives us a new vision and direction. So…Jesus is what we are most thankful for. We are thankful for Dream Worship and our church, Bethany First Church of the Nazarene. God has placed us and equipped us to make music that glorifies Him and that we can jam to. We are so grateful for that.

Miranda ~ What advice would you give to an upcoming team who believes they’ve been called to go international with their music, rather than stay local with their church?

Chad – We would say DO IT!!! There is nothing stopping you, and if God has given you things to say through music, then get your songs out there. However, do your best with what you have been given. Always chase excellence. Every second of your song should be treated like it’s the most important moment. Excellence honors God and inspires people. That doesn’t mean you have to make Grammy Award winning stuff. It just means to do your best, and God will use it for His glory. He gave us His very best in His son Jesus. So, why would we not give our very best in our music? Do your best work, and then let people hear it! Music streaming platforms are streaming mission fields. Your music can be streamed in countries where the gospel can’t be preached. If that ain’t enough of a reason, I don’t know what is!

About Royal Company

We are Royal Company. Our music is a reflection of the love and acceptance we find in Jesus. We want to change the world through love. If you’ve ever felt lonely, worthless, or have longed for something more, then welcome to the family. It’s ok to be broken and misunderstood. You’re loved, not judged. You belong even before you believe. Our music strives to better the world not only for ourselves but for the future. Enjoy the jams and share it with someone who needs some hope today.