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Scoop ~ Interview with Worship Leader & SongLab Founder, Meredith Mauldin

Meredith Mauldin is a wife, mom, co-founder of worship and songwriting group, Upperroom, and the founder of SongLab. SongLab recently released an EP, Simplicity (read the TBAP review here) with the wonderful anthem song, Hero. Meredith took some time to chat with TBAP about her work and journey in SongLab so far. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Meredith! Lovely to have you visit TBAP today! Please tell us a bit about yourself and SongLab that we don’t already know.

Meredith: Thank you so much for the interview! Well, my name is Meredith Mauldin and I have been a singer, songwriter, and worship leader for almost 15 years. I have an incredible husband and 3 kiddos but I momma a lot more worship peeps all over the country through SongLab. SongLab started as songwriter/ worship events to help equip worship leaders to write their own unique songs coming from their heart and testimonies as well as their local churches. Over the last year and a half it has developed into much more.

Miranda ~ How did SongLab come to be, how did you choose the name for the Group, and at what moment did each of you agree that each member was a good fit for the Group?

Meredith: I had the honor of helping pioneer the worship movement at the UPPERROOM in Dallas for 7 years. When I started, almost none of the worship leaders wrote their own songs. I was/am so passionate about growing in Jesus, as a worship leader, and as songwriter, that I started 6-week-songwriter intensives so that we could push ourselves to grow. The fruit was so much more than songs. We grew in unity and celebration of each other and began leading our own music coming from our church. Most of UPPERROOM’s songs resulted from stewarding the spontaneous songs that came from prayer room and worship time moments, so we would jokingly call the prayer room a songwriting laboratory.

That inspired the name SongLab!

When my husband and I felt called to move (which is a long God story for another time), I took what I had learned over the 7 years of being the worship director, as well as the founder of the UPPERROOM label and publishing company, and packed it all into a weekend event and opened it up for other worship leaders to attend!

When I started seeing these beautiful worship leaders and these beautiful songs coming from the events, I couldn’t just let them stay hidden. So, that’s when we started pulling the songs that came from the SongLab events and began inviting some of the worship leaders (attendees) to record them.

The rest is history! 🙂

How do you write your songs and what inspires your choice of lyrics, and, particularly, your style of music? What inspired the song Hero?

At a SongLab, when the worship leaders go into a co-write session, I have them start by sharing about what the Lord is currently doing in their lives and then songwrite from that place. Let me just say, the Song Share times at our SongLab events are so electric, because they come from such a real, authentic place in each of the worshipers’ hearts.

When we record, it is a collaborative effort as well. We keep the instrumentation simple because we want to feel touchable and authentic.

Seph Schleuter, who’s featured in Hero, said when asked about writing Hero, “Hero was written in response to asking the Lord what His heart was for His people in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though we were all in a dark unknown place, God is still the God who can save us. He is our Hero, our defense, and can lead us through the darkest valley. This song is a declaration of who God is and choosing to believe in His power to shepherd, heal and  save!”

Miranda ~ Why the title, Simplicity, for your album?

Meredith: We named it Simplicity because life gets complicated but, there is beauty in simplicity. Worship doesn’t have to be big and flashy, with fancy light shows and big screens—not that there is anything wrong with that—to be pleasing to God; but that our hearts simply open and devoted to Jesus is enough! We pray that these songs reflect sincere hearts loving our God.

Miranda ~ In what way is SongLab different from any other worship group, and what would you say SongLab brings to the table that isn’t already out there in the world?

Meredith: Instead of worrying about how we differ from what’s already out there or spending time making sure we stand out above the rest, we just focus on celebrating the beauty in each of us! 

I tell our worshippers all the time that God didn’t only create sunflowers, even though sunflowers are beautiful.  He must love variety because he made roses,  willow tree’s,  lilies, and palm trees and oak trees…I could go on for days. Like fingerprints, we all have a testimony that is unique, no one has exactly the same stories and encounters, and so our songs should reflect our unique encounters. If we are true to that, it’s like a snowflake; we all have a unique beauty to reflect. So, we do our best to not compare, but celebrate the songs coming from each other!

About SongLab

SongLab is a collective of worshipers coming together to unite their voices and magnify the Lord. We believe God has a message etched on each of our hearts meant to influence culture and inspire the world around us. SongLab creates space to write and release the unique songs within all of us.