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TV Show Review ~ Cubekins By Brain Pixel






4 Stars


Cubekins is a wonderful children’s TV show with the objective of not only entertaining kids of 4 – 7 years old, but also teaching them important Christian and moral values, even using simple and catchy songs that kids can easily learn and sing along to.

Each episode has a specific lesson which is carefully laid out in a themed storyline, and in the end, the beauty of God’s Word shines through in practical and every day activities that kids can understand.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. Many thanks to Brainy Pixel for providing a free screener in exchange for my honest opinion.

Book Review ~ The Light of His Presence by Anne Graham Lotz

About the Book

ECPA BESTSELLER • The beloved Bible teacher and daughter of Billy Graham shares a rich treasury of her personal prayers to guide you into deeper, more intimate daily conversations with God.

Why is it that as soon as we bow our heads to pray, we start thinking of other things we need to do? How do we make time to pray in the middle of our busy lives? And how do we know what to say and how to say it?

Like many of us, Anne Graham Lotz has struggled with prayer. Over the years, she discovered that writing out her prayers draws her into deeper, more intimate conversations with God.  The Light of His Presence offers forty of these tender, honest prayers for real-life situations as an invitation to deepen your own prayer life through worship, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession. You’ll be encouraged to lean more fully into God’s promises through this power-packed devotional resource, which includes inspiring quotes from Christians throughout the ages and also has space to journal your own words to God.

As Anne writes, “My prayer for you . . . is that God will use my struggle with prayer to help you overcome yours. And that, as a result, you will be drawn nearer to the heart of God.”




Christian Living/Prayer


4 Stars


Lotz’s latest is a wonderful book of prayers designed specifically to lead those who want to pray, but have little or no words of their own to do so. Highlighting the deepest yearnings and pleas of a heart that wants to serve God and petition in a way that glorifies God even in the midst of heartache, sorrows and storms, this little prayer book will take you by the hand, and lead you to do just that, confidently.

A truly delightful book designed to lead one in the most essential spiritual need, while drawing you close to the Father’s heart.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. Much appreciation to Waterbrook Multnomah for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the Author

Anne Graham Lotz—called “the best preacher in the family” by her father, Billy Graham—is an international speaker and the bestselling and award-winning author of numerous books, including Jesus in Me and Just Give Me Jesus. Anne is the president of AngeL Ministries in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the former chairperson for the National Day of Prayer.

Book Review ~ Down to the Potter’s House By Annette Valentine

About the Book

Down to the Potter’s House is a 1921-1942 historic novel that takes the tenacious Gracie Maxwell from the quicksand of mediocrity to higher ground as she climbs and never stops.

Across the way, evil is beginning to bubble beneath the surface and only one soul will buoy and begin to float as the flood waters rise. Not everyone has escaped the lies that are holding them hostage. Fortified with bully-proofed valor to ride out the undercurrents, the Maxwell clan lays bare the daunting portrayal of what matters most in life ― family, faith, love ― and the main attractions are given their shot at setting the captives free.




Women’s Fiction


5 Stars


Down to the Potter’s House is an amazing story of a family that rose from the brink of utter destruction and betrayal to a place of triumph. The lead heroine, Gracie Maxwell, went through a season of breaking and remolding in the hands of her Father in heaven, the Great Potter. Much of her pain never made sense in the moment, but lessons learned proved to keep her strong in tough circumstances where other family members crumbled. Many mistakes were made by certain characters, and while some stood by and let evil unfold, others were vigilant and watchful for truth and justice to prevail.

Down to the Potter’s House is not just the usual delightful Christian fiction. This one takes delight a notch higher with plot twists you never see coming. The author is skillful at taking a reader on an amazing journey. A noteworthy mention is her ability to pace time as unfolding events need her to pace them.

A very well done book worthy of high praise!

* Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A thank you to the author, Annette Valentine for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


About the Author

Annette Valentine is the author of Eastbound from Flagstaff, a love story based on her father and her debut novel, published in 2019. She graduated with distinction from Purdue University and founded an interior design business which spanned a 34-year career in Lafayette, Indiana and Brentwood, Tennessee. Annette’s design expertise spans from the White House, architectural design for Habitat for Humanity housing, to the house next door. She advocates for victims and survivors of human trafficking and speaks in public forums through an 18-year-long affiliation with Toastmasters International. Inspired by authors of children’s books to biographers to World War II historians, Annette writes through the varied lens of colorful experience and the absorbing reality of man’s search for meaning, weaving together compelling stories of family, legacies, and love that endures beyond differences and heartbreak. She and her husband happily reside in the Nashville area.

Movie Review ~ Before the Wrath

About the Movie

Based on true discoveries from the time of Christ.

While scholars debate the timing of the Rapture, the world has forgotten why this event is prophesied to occur in the first place; knowledge that was once understood by those in the first century. Today, researchers in the Middle-East have rediscovered ancient anthropological evidence that reveals how and why the Rapture must occur; unveiling new biblical insight that will reignite hope for believers and prepare the world for what’s coming.

Narrated by Kevin Sorbo and featuring:

 Jack Hibbs – Theologist and host of “Real Life” on SiriusXM
 Amir Tsarfati – Founder and President of Behold Israel
 Jan Markell – Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
 JD Farag – Theologist and Eschatologist
 Scott McConnell – Exec. Director of Lifeway Research
 Jay McCarl – Ancient Middle Eastern Anthropologist
 Lizette Dillinger – Qualitative Director of LifeWay Research

To access the YouVersion 5 day reading Bible plan, visit this page.





Christianity/Christian Living/Rapture


5 Stars


Before the Wrath dives deeply into one of Christianity’s most profound mysteries, the Rapture, and meticulously lays out—not when—but why it has to happen, especially following the other events that Jesus had already established while He was here on earth, making the Rapture impossible not to happen; otherwise it would make God two things that He is not: a liar and a covenant-breaker. This movie goes all the way back to why Jesus was specific in choosing to be Galilean, and also chose disciples who would one day become the apostles, to be from Galilee. It exposes the significance of the culture at the time in explaining the gospels, and the magnitude of impact it would have on its listeners, so that it’s relevance is seen to be intricately woven into the very fabric of the gospel.

Before the Wrath is not only wonderfully educational and informative, it also explains the deep spiritual teachings that surround the Rapture of Christ’s Church. A true and necessary eye-opener for the Christian today and for those asking questions.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to Flyby Promotions and Ingenuity Films for a free screener in exchange for my honest opinion. 

A Journey of Hope

Jim and I becoming pregnant with our baby, James, was one of the best and trying seasons of our lives. It was an experience like other.

In the first trimester I suffered from depression, and the consequence was a loss of my sense of creativity; I also couldn’t hear from God. We visited a psychiatrist who was of great help, and after some sessions prescribed a drug for hormonal balance. By my second trimester, I was back to my normal self. My creativity was restored and I could hear God again. I went back to working on post-production of our forthcoming movie, The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland, a funny Christmas movie for the family. I’ve remained stable even after delivery—and this is important—since post-partum depression is quite common. In my third trimester, I suffered from gestational diabetes. Initially, the doctor prescribed insulin, but later developed a regimen that consisted of exercise and high-protein/low-carb diet, so I didn’t have to take insulin, and it worked perfectly well.

Becoming a mother has been sublime. I can’t begin to describe or quantify the joy of holding my baby, watching him breastfeed, and watching the many different expressions on his face. This experience makes it even more precious because James is our miracle baby boy. We’d been trying to get pregnant for a long time, and I’d had a miscarriage the month prior to when he was conceived. So at the beginning, naturally, there was the fear that something might go wrong. But when Jim and I experienced our first ultrasound, the feeling of joy and hope was so overwhelming, we both cried. Our baby is so precious to us. And so this comes with the experience of helplessness some of the times when he gets fussy or cries because we’re still learning what to do, and how to be parents to a newborn.

My husband, Jim, has been a champ through it all. Even now, we share and take turns caring for our baby in every way. At night, he takes one of the feeding times so that both our brains can rest and we’re both able to function in caring for him during the day.

This whole experience has taught me a deeper meaning of hope and trust in God and in the people we love and care about the most—those closest to us. Life’s journey and what lies ahead isn’t always clear, and some steps we take may be difficult and painful as we take them, but through it all, God is with us, and His love, the most powerful force in the universe, binds us together. I don’t know what lies ahead. I simply know—through this experience and many others like it—that I can trust the ever amazing faithfulness of God.

About the Contributor

Visionary, Story Creator, Product Development, Author and Producer for The Farmer and The Belle franchise, Jenn Gotzon is an award-winning actress known in the faith-based market. She starred in over 70 projects including two Oscar Nominated films, Frost/Nixon and Alone Yet Not AloneMy Daddy is in Heaven broke records as a mover and shaker on Amazon and trended on Netflix, followed by Lionsgate’s Saving Faith both starring her and her husband Jim E. Chandler. Her mission as co-owner for The Farmer and The Belle franchise is to provide a Biblical pathway to teen girls and women about their value destroying the lie 90% of women believe about their physical appearance. Gotzon speaks across the globe inspiring and impacting audiences. Join The Jenn Gotzon Club on Facebook to access her video bible studies.

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Bible Review ~ Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls By Zondervan


The Beautiful Word Coloring NIV Bible is a wonderful gift set for preteen girls, made with the intention of creating a fun, enjoyable, and deeply spiritual experience while studying the Word of God. The features are designed for artistic activities that will create memorable experiences, which will help a reader more easily open their heart and mind as they study God’s Word. Features include:

• Complete text of the accurate, readable and clear New International Version (NIV)
• Over 600 verses illustrated in ready-to-color line art
• Four colored pencils
• Six sheets of stickers designed for girls
• Thick white paper for writing and doodling
• Lined, wide margins for notes and reflections
• Satin ribbon marker
• Beautifully debossed and screen-printed cover
• Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface in a readable 8-point print size.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. My appreciation to Zondervan and Flyby Promotions for free copies in exchange for my honest opinion.

Book Review ~ Reviving the Commander: Crown Legacy #1 By Nadine C. Keels

About the Book

First in the Crowns Legacy series.

She isn’t a beautiful young maiden hoping to erase the Commander’s memory.

Opal Whilstead knows she has a reputation: a reputation as a bright, giving, upright woman—smiling and laughing her way through hopeless spinsterhood. It’s been so long since she’s had serious feelings for a man, but now she finds herself taken with the Commander Exemplar of Diachona’s army.

And she regrets it.

Not only is the Exemplar a widower still longing for his wife, but he’s the father of the reigning king. Even if a man of such prestige could find love again, he’d be unlikely to search for it among the kingdom’s old maids. Besides, Opal dreads being found, due to a grievous secret she carries…

This book is inspirational historical fantasy: fictional history that takes place in a completely fictional world.




Utopian Romance


4 Stars


Two hearts who have lost the hope of love in their present circumstances, meet, and then a miracle happens in the most unlikely way.

Opal Whilestead has become content in her spinsterhood, and the Commander Exemplar has reclined himself to being a widower, to raising his young son, and being the best support and advisor that his son, the King, would ever need. Faithfully following the path set before them in fulfilling duty to empire and family, they’re both rewarded with something beautiful and special that they didn’t expect—setting their hearts on fire again and bringing life and warmth into their once mundane activities. In the midst of this, sorrows are comforted, wounds healed, sins forgiven, and friends and family gained.

This is not the typical romance story where butterflies lead all the way. It is so much more. Each character, primary and secondary, grows and is introduced in excellent pacing with the subplots.

Another lovely work of art by Nadine C. Keels.

*Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to the author for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


About the Author

Nadine. A French name, meaning, “hope.”
With her lifelong passion for life-enriching fiction, Nadine C. Keels enjoys reading and writing everything from short stories to novels. Her fiction works include Love Unfeigned and The Movement of Crowns Series, and select pieces of her lyrical poetry can be found on her spoken word album, Hope. Lyricized. Through her books and her blog (Prismatic Prospects), Nadine aims to spark hope and inspiration in as many people as she is privileged to reach.


Entertainment Scoop ~ Interview with Director & Producer, Lance Hool

Lance Hool is a producer, director, executive producer, writer and actor who’s been in Hollywood and in the business of filmmaking for over four decades, even being directly responsible for 25 major projects, two of which hit #1 at the US Box Office. Lance has taken the time to share with us today a bit about himself and his journey in making his latest movie, 2 Hearts (read the TBAP review here), to be released in theaters on October 16, 2020. Take a look!

Miranda ~ Hello Lance! It’s a pleasure to have you visit TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Lance: I grew up in a family full of love, art, and great story tellers. I consider myself an artist story-teller.

Miranda ~ How did you first get into filmmaking?

Lance: As a child I loved making movies on a browny camera, watching my mother create beautiful dance numbers for her concerts, movies and TV shows, and my grandmother act on the theater stage. My earliest memory is watching my grandmother be chased on a movie stage by Dracula during a filming of a Mexican film version of the novel. As a teenager I put together and played on several rock and roll bands, and when an opportunity to be a horse rider on a movie came up, I took the plunge. I uttered words when, I guess, I wasn’t supposed to, and the director liked what I did and said: “I guess I have to cover you now.” So, I was on camera and in the movie, Soldier Blue, in a short dialogue scene with Candice Bergen. I was an actor.

Miranda ~ Who would you say have influenced you the most in life, and, how have they done so?

Lance: My parents and grandparents showed me the beauty and miracle of life through love and respect.

Miranda ~ Who has influenced you the most professionally?

Lance: John Huston and Howard Hawks. I was fortunate to know them and work with them. I have always been an avid film viewer and have been influenced by many of the great artists that make films. I learn on every project.

Miranda ~ What drew you to the story of 2 Hearts, and why did you feel the need to make this film? Do you particularly have a passion for telling true stories?

Lance: I could find a great message in it. It speaks to all of us. Life is the ultimate gift. We must live it with honor and goodness. Yes, I have a passion for telling true stories. They let us know that we travel in this life with others from who we can learn and will instill in us passion, energy, love and awareness.

Miranda ~ 2 Hearts is unique in the sense that it follows two love stories that began years apart. You chose to press the “God” or “miraculous” factor into the background rather than make it more obvious. Why this method?

Lance: I want to reach everyone’s heart including those that do not believe in God and a higher meaning of life.

Miranda ~ What advice would you offer someone—writer or filmmaker—looking to turn a book story into a successful movie?

Lance: Keep in mind that you have at most a couple of hours to tell that story. Carefully pick those scenes that advance the plot and use the character in them.

This Or That (The Fun Qs!)

Coffee, Tea or Mocha?


Boots or Sneakers?

Sneakers for daily ware, boots for roughing it on horseback

Vegetables or Fruit?


Music or Books?


Juice or Smoothie?


Chocolate or Vanilla?


Cooking or Cleaning?


About Lance Hool

Lance Hool has a uniquely multifaceted background in the industry, working as an actor, writer, director, executive producer, distribution company chairman and now studio chief. Over more than four decades, he has produced 25 major motion pictures, two of which have reached No. 1 at the U.S. box office: Missing in Action (1984) and Man on Fire (2004). Hool currently heads Silver Lion Films, an independent finance and production company he established in 1987 with his brother Conrad, and Santa Fe Studios, the world’s first “green” film and television production facility.

Hool holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from La Universidad de las Américas. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Book Review ~ All of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival & Loss By Rebecca Whitehead Munn

  • About the Book

In All of Us Warriors, Rebecca Whitehead Munn paints a realistic picture of the impact cancer has on an individual’s life, and she attempts to demystify the experience by sharing heartfelt stories from twenty survivors and the loved ones of those that passed. They are mothers and fathers with seven types of cancers and all stages of the disease, as well as advice regarding how to approach someone you love living with cancer and tips and tricks for helping others feel joy in the midst of pain. This inspirational book provides a positive outlook of strength and perseverance through belief in a higher power, reinforcing the idea that the reader is stronger than cancer and not alone, and offering real strategies that cannot be found in online medical sites. Like a conversation with a new best friend (or twenty of them), All of Us Warriors is full of understanding, acceptance, and practical advice gained from personal experience.




Health and Fitness/Healthcare /Healing


5 Stars


This is a book that will pull you in and redirect your attention to what matters the most in life and living. The stories of the cancer patients, and their fellow brave warriors that stood by them through their tough journey, are truly remarkable. This book will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Apart from educating a reader on the intricate issues, it endears you to the real-life people on the pages, creating a relatable sense of connection with each and every unique story—as different as each one is.

All of Us Warriors displays a strength in people, family, friendship, community—togetherness, as a whole—and it is beautiful to see albeit its heartwrenching and sobering element.

A truly endearing and fantastic read!

*Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to She Writes Press for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the Author

Rebecca Whitehead Munn is an award-winning author and speaker, healthcare change catalyst, and value creator. Her award-winning, debut memoir, The Gift of Goodbye: A Story of Agape Love, was released in 2017. She has been a featured Maria Shriver Architect of Change on surviving grief and shared her healing through yoga story at She is a certified End of Life Doula and a Nashville Healthcare Council Fellow. She is happiest spending time outdoors, eating Mexican food, practicing yoga, listening to live music, snow skiing, playing golf, and using my chaotic Aries for good. She was born in Bloomington, IN, grew up in Houston, TX, and has lived in Nashville, TN, since 2005.

Movie Review ~ 2 Hearts By Lance Hool

About the Film

For two couples the future unfolds in different decades and different places, but a hidden connection will bring them together in a way no one could have predicted. Based on an inspirational true story, 2 Hearts is a romantic journey that celebrates life, love and generosity of spirit, and challenges audiences to believe miracles are possible.

Charismatic young Australian actor Jacob Elordi (“Euphoria,” The Kissing Booth) plays Chris, a college freshman whose love for a spirited classmate played by Tiera Skovbye (“Riverdale,” “Once Upon a Time”) helps him find the purpose he has been searching for.

In another place and time, Adan Canto (“Designated Survivor,” “Narcos”) plays Cuban exile Jorge, who falls for well-traveled flight attendant Leslie, played by Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire, The Shack).
Though they were never meant to meet, fate has something entirely unexpected in store for both couples that dramatically changes the course of their lives.





Release Date

October 16, 2020.


3.5 Stars


2 Hearts is a heart-wrenching feature of two love stories—one, a depiction of what could have been, and the other, a journey of hope against the ever rising odds. Both stories culminate and meet at a point of pain, and hope and comfort are restored in the most unlikely outcome.

2 Hearts explores the subject of loss and what it means to truly live. It emphases the preciousness of moments, and leads a viewer to reflect on what’s most important in the present.

2 Hearts is a refreshing reminder to not take for granted the gifts of love and relationships in all its forms.

*Though I offer my review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to 130a for a screener in exchange for my honest opinion.