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Album Review ~ Scripture Songs By New Hope Oahu

Category/Genre Classic Contemporary Worship Release Date February 8, 2019. Rating 4.5 Stars Review New Hope Oahu Worship presents its latest release, Scripture Songs, in the good ol’ classic contemporary praise and worship fashion that thrilled the churches of 80s & 90s, and with Scriptural lyrics that delight and nourish the soul. There’s a beautiful nostalgia to its sonic that brings a smile to the face and heart, the album couldn’t be more enjoyable and heartfelt. NHO’s new release is a refreshing and wonderful addition to the urban mixes currently available on the market, and a lovely reminder of the classic version of contemporary music that marked the Church’s anthem songs in the 80s/90s.     About New Hope Oahu DREAM Label Group Worship Band, New Hope Oahu Music, blazed onto the Worship scene in 2013 with the release of their debut album, Hope Is Alive, which premiered at #2 on the Billboard Praise & Worship Chart and featured the global hit song, How We Worship. New Hope Oahu has since released four albums: Victorious (2014), …

Album Review ~ Symphony By Switch

Category/Genre Pop/R&B Release Date February 8, 2019. Rating 5 Stars Review Switch is a refreshing voice full of life and passion whose music softly but powerfully provokes heartfelt body-swaying while blessing the soul with thought-provoking lyrics, which is a wonderful way to open an album. Symphony’s theme invites the listener to join in the heartfelt worship of Jesus in a way that is joyful, entertaining, and is as much a heartfelt prayer. Look out for the overly lovely Lifeline (#1) & Heartbeat (#4). Symphony is an overall lovely EP, and Switch are a group worth paying attention to!   About Switch Life.Church, a multisite Christian church that started in 1996, meets in 29 locations in nine states (USA) and globally at Church Online. Switch is the middle school and high school ministry of Life.Church. Over 7,000 students at locations nationwide gather together to worship God, build Christ-centered community, and grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. Worship leaders from across the Life.Church organization collaborate to create music and worship for Switch.

Album Review ~ Equippers Worship By Equippers Worship

Category/Genre Worship/Praise Release Date January 25, 2019. Rating 4 Stars Review Fun, full of praise, and genuine heart of surrender, the Equippers’ recent release leads with simple and known words that nonetheless present in a renewed way, songs that inspire overflowing joy, peace, and worship in the fantastic way that never grows old. Equippers’ enthusiasm is contagious throughout the album as love, hope, and faith in God are expressed in the most joyful and lively way, combining beautifully with masterfully put-together tunes/instrumentals. About Equippers Worship Equippers Worship is the sound of Equippers Church, based in Auckland, New Zealand. With long-standing worship leaders, Wayne & Libby Huirua and Isaac Graham, alonside their youth worship team, Equippers Revolution–the revitalized Equippers Worship team is excoted for what lies ahead with their renewed sound. Track 1, This Is How We Party, was led by Equippers Revolution.

Faith and not Sight

The fundamental truth about salvation is that we are saved by faith (believing on what Jesus accomplished on the cross) through grace (the love, mercies, favor, and power of God). But faith’s accomplishments doesn’t have to end there. Being human, there’s the tendency to want to fall back into sensual living rather than being led by the Holy Spirit. More times than we realize, we ignore the truth provided and put right in front of us, and exchange it for the sensual and more “logical” option that makes sense by our human thinking, and then wonder why we miss a lot that happens right in front of us. The disciples of Jesus made this mistake time and again, and only understood a lot that happened in retrospect. One of such times was the Last Supper. “21When Jesus had said these things, He was troubled in spirit, and testified and said, ‘Most assuredly I say to you, one of you will betray Me.’ 22Then the disciples looked at one another, perplexed about whom He spoke. 23Now …

Book Review ~ Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped By God’s Grand Story By Dr. Christopher Yuan

Category Religious/Christian/Non-fiction Genre Christian Living/Sexuality Rating 4.5 Stars Review Holy Sexuality—coined to explain God’s view on matters about human sexuality, from desire to marriage and everything in-between, Dr. Christopher Yuan dives into the sensitive topics of gay sexuality, singleness, marriage and how it relates to the church and the church’s approach to dealing with the gay community. This is an exceptional read that will help Christians to better understand God’s Word on these matters, which will lead to better lovingly approaching their gay loved ones in a manner that truly honors God, embraces them, and yields fruit. Holy Sexuality is deep, thorough, and forthright and provides an excellent roadmap to navigating issues of homosexuality, singleness, and desire as a whole. This isn’t a book just for Christians with Gay loved ones; it’s for the Church. A book truly birthed at a time the Church needs it the most. About the Author Dr. Christopher Yuan has taught at Moody Bible Institute for more than ten years, and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached …

DVD Review ~ Hillsong Kids: Can You Believe It? (Songs of Truth)

Category Religious/Christian Genre Musical/Praise/Children Release Date November 16, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review Fully loaded with a version of Hillsong’s prolific music, for kids, “Can You Believe It?” features songs of truth—praise and worship—that mirror a heart for God, as well as fellowship and togetherness of the Church. The DVD, presented by FUNNY MAN DAN, guides kids and adults alike on a musical tour that is humorous, as well as spiritual—prepared especially to show Jesus to children in a memorable and fun way. Wonderful DVD features include music videos for selected songs, live sessions in the studio, and amazing fun lyric/sing-along videos. A lovely release for kids in today’s Church and outside of it.

Entertainment Scoop ~ Interview with Screenwriter & Executive TV/Film Producer, Reuben Evans

Reuben Evans is a brilliant screenwriter and the executive producer at Faithlife TV/Faithlife Films, and has been for over ten years. Reuben is also the head writer and script supervisor for the highly anticipated forthcoming Christmas comedy classic, The Farmer & the Belle, due for release Thanksgiving 2018. Reuben took some time to dive into his faith, personal life, and work as an executive producer of Christian TV/film. Take a look! Miranda ~ Hello Reuben! Honored to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Reuben: Great to be with you. I’m from the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I work as a filmmaker and Executive Producer for Faithlife TV/Faithlife Films. I’m married to my lovely wife, SaraAnn, and I’ve got four little kids. Miranda ~ How did you become a Christian? Reuben: I actually became a Christian at the age of eleven. I watched The Jesus Film and they gave an invitation to trust Christ at the end. I ended up kneeling beside the TV and accepted Christ. Miranda ~ In what way do you …