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NEWS ~ Hope Rising Album By Central Music Releases Today

Buy/Stream Los Angeles, CA (November, 2017) — DREAM Worship is proud to announce the release of Central Music’s new album, Hope Rising.  The team lead by worship pastors, Nathan Del Turo, Adrian Darsee, Ty Winder, Jaimie Geideman, is a team of people with a heart for Jesus.  Starting several years ago, the church led by Pastor Cal Jernigan, decided that they would be a church that would allow music to help bring people into the presence of God.  The 10 song album was produced by multi-grammy award winning producer, Glenn Tabor III out of his studio Gat3 Studios.  Pastor Nathan Del Turo talks about their experience writing and recording this album below: “The writing process for this album was a great! These songs were collectively written by 14 of our worship leaders here at Central. I’m extremely proud of this team! Their commitment to Jesus and their passion to write are inspiring to me. These songs were written out of the valley and mountain top moments in our church, over this past year. I hope that when …

Album Review ~ Hope Rising By Central Music

Category Religious/Christian Genre Contemporary Praise/worship Release Date November 15, 2017. Rating 4 Stars Review Hope Rising by Central Music, as the title implies, inspires hope and faith in the hearts of its listeners and to give glory to God. The music, in a beautiful way, is generally soft, and its lyrics, as gentle as its instrumentals are soft—a lovely combo to produce a different kind of Contemporary Praise/worship. Central Music certainly has something good going on here. There is a lot of Contemporary Praise music out there, but Central Music has succeeded in creating a delightful and lovely sub-genre that has its own unique signature. About Central Music Central Music is made up of a team of people from one church, in many locations. We decided several years ago that we wanted to be a church that truly leans into worship. The heart of Central Music is to bring our people and others into the presence of God through music. We do this through Nights of Worship, our Weekend Services, and writing/recording original worship songs. …

NEWS ~ DREAM Label Signs Christian Pop Group, Mass Anthem

Los Angeles (September, 2017) – DREAM Label Group is excited to announce the signing of Nashville pop group, Mass Anthem, to its growing roster at DREAM Records (Matthew Parker, We Are Leo, Landry Cantrell).  Mass Anthem is comprised of brothers, Tyler Sowards, Chad Sowards as well as Joey Atansio. “Mass Anthem has a passion for young people and the struggles they face on a daily basis. We want our music to be relevant to pop culture, but also bring a positive message and encourage people in their faith.  All of our music is written from a place of honesty and struggles we have actually faced. We want kids to know that we have been where they are, and they can come out the other side stronger.  We hope that when people hear our music, the lyrics speak to them and into their story.” – Chad Sowards, Mass Anthem “We do music because we have a story to tell of Gods redeeming grace and the freedom we experience in Him. It’s a message of hope that many young people are so desperate …

Song Review ~ Mirage By Platon Emil & Stefan Nixdorf (Feat.Landry Cantrell & Kristen Hicks)

Kristen Hick’s, sister to Kelsey (wife of Landry Cantrell), joins Landry Cantrell and producers, Platon Emil & Stefan Nixdorf on a new track titled, Mirage. Genre Pop Release Date October 20, 2017. Rating 4 Stars Review Mirage speaks of a place of darkness, but also of awakening. The metaphorical presentation, while emphasizing a phase of life where a person exists in a delusional world, also speaks of a moment of revelation: when things are made clear. Though the lyrics don’t directly point to one of Christian, it’s candor message reflects what everyone goes through at one (or more) point in their life. The instrumentals are soft and easy on the ears and do not overpower the singing, making it an overall pleasant song. Listen to Mirage

NEWS: Music Artist, Landry Cantrell Gets Married!

A huge congratulations to DREAM Records music artist, Landry Cantrell, and longtime girlfriend, Kelsey Hicks, who on September 30th, got married. The exchanged wedding vows in front of friends and family in the backyard of their new home. Kristen Hicks, Kelsey’s sister, had this to say: “The wedding felt like a dream. There was no dry eye as everyone was emotional to see two best friends unite as one. I’m so happy for them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kelsey and Landry.” Cantrell also voiced his happiness: “Kelsey and I are so extremely happy, and can’t wait to begin this next chapter of our lives together. Life feels brand new again, and I’m so excited to see what God has in store for us!” View more photos from the wedding on Landry’s socials: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram. Cantrell, whose new album Projections, released June 16th this year (read the TBAP review here), saw his first single, Before You, gain much popularity with over 25M national audience listeners. Listen to Before You  

Artist Scoop ~ Interview With Music Artist Ayiesha Woods

Grammy Award-nominated artist, Ayiesha Woods is a familiar name in the Christian Music neighborhood. She’s the amazing voice behind the 2006 hit song, Happy. With three full albums, a holiday project, Christmas Like This, an early 2017 EP release, The Runaway Project, and her latest single, Stop, Woods has continued to shine in the Christian Music Industry. Taking some time with TBAP, Ayiesha got personal, allowing the world to have a peek into her life. Take a look! Miranda ~ Hello Ayiesha! Glad to have you visit TBAP today. Ayiesha: Hello, Thanks for having me! Miranda ~ What led to you having a personal relationship with Jesus? Is there a particular redemption story? Ayiesha: Many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit a very charismatic, lively ministry after having been raised early on in a conventional, religious setting. I walked in and saw people worshiping The Lord—singing and dancing in the aisles. Some were crying; some were knelt at pews. Flags were waving, banners were on display, the orchestra was playing upbeat contemporary worship, …

Album Review ~ Different By Micah Tyler

Category Religious/Christian Genre Rock/Pop Release Date October 20, 2017. Rating 5 Stars Review There’s a heart and soul to the opening song, Different (by which the album is titled), that is passionately contagious. Tyler’s voice rings with such genuine worth that it secures the undisputable quality of heart-felt surrender, which invites a listener to do the same before God. The instrumentals that accompany the songs of the Different album award the overall music with a quintessential superiority; the organic quality is simply fantastically pleasant on every level. The lyrics, though simple, are metaphorically deep in a manner that suffices as true and relatable to the average person—a prayer, desire, and hope! Listen to Different