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My All in All ~ Sunny Sunday Poetry!

God, You’re my All With voice still and small You speak, I hear Your call And follow that I may not fall Sometimes I’m foolish enough to stall And cause pain bitter like gall It’s no wonder I run into a wall Or feel lost like a child in a mall But You always come, my prince so tall And lead me out of the dark hall Restoring me back to Your holy ball That’s why You’re All in All

Sunny Sunday Poetry ~ THE GAIN

I’ve learned that there’s so much to gain If I let the Lord remove my stain Sometimes it’s painful—more than a sprain That I feel downcast and a load of strain But I know my Lord wants me to train And become.something good and not vain This way, I won’t be sad like poor Cain Who lost something good and main All of me—God may have to drain That sin in my life would wane Because sadness and sorrow—sin is the bane So off it must go, cut down and lain Where the blood will wash it like rain And no, I promise, I’m not insane But sure, faithfilled and perfectly sane This is my path, my journey, my lane And this way I ‘ll stay, like the great dane Who at his master’s feet lies with trust so plain And yes, I’ll have the power to overcome pain So that my struggles—one by one—will be slain Then my life will weave beautifully like chair made of cane I may not be perfect like the …

Sunny Sunday Poetry ~ Peace Like A River

It is sweet and flows like a spring, And joy to my spirit it always brings, It is so every time I settle down to sing, Breaking the pain that forms painful strings, So that my all I can give to my King; With dances and music, my heart ding dong dings, Like the melody from a blackberry ping; I soar with vigor with strength like eagle’s wings, As I sing out with peace that makes my voice ring. Have a blessed Sunday!