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Album Review ~ Before The Sun Goes Down By The New Respects

Category Religious/Gospel Genre Funky Pop/Soul/Jazz Release Date August 17, 2018. Rating 5 Stars Reviews An all-round-themed album that touches on the various aspects of life and faith in an elegant and eclectic fashion with deep lyrics and mind-blowing music. This breath of fresh air neatly weaves the original classic elements of traditional funky pop, jazz, and rock with a twist of urban flavor to birth something entirely and delightfully new and spontaneous. The New Respects are bold, fantastically talented, and a band to look out for! Advertisements

Album Review ~ Red For War By Zahna

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Rock Release Date August 17, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review This pure rock release is a breath of fresh air as Zahna doesn’t hold back in expressing her passion for God and her zeal for a relationship with Him. She lets out a vulnerability through the lyrics that is rarely seen, and the instrumentals match melody and lyrics in perfection. For a hint of Zahna’s style of music, think Barlow Girl meets Jesus Culture + Unique Zahna!

Artist Scoop ~ Interview with Actress, Bethany Davenport

Bethany Davenport is one of the leading ladies in the movie, Summer of ’67, releasing today (read the TBAP review here), a story about love and war, and puts the spotlight on the loved ones left behind by the brave soldiers called up to fight for their country. Bethany plays the role of Kate, a role that puts her in a character role that displays a deeply emotional journey of love, romantically and for family, as well as a journey of trust in God. Kate, in real life, is active, fun and showcases her love for life as a triathlete and sling aerialist, of which the former helped her land a role in an upcoming movie! Kate took the time to chat with us on TBAP today. Take a look! Miranda ~ Hello Bethany! Delighted to have you visit TBAP! Please tell us a bit about yourself. Bethany: Thank you for having me! There’s not much to tell. I am married and I have two adorable kitties! I love to be active, but I also …

Album Review ~ Day Of Redemption By Jabari Johnson

Category Religious/Gospel Genre Urban Jazz Release Date May 4, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review When listening to Day of Redemption album, it is inevitable that the joyful singing, praise, and worship will lead to the lifting and clapping of hands, tapping of feet, and surrendering of hearts to the Lord, Jesus, Who is God that is ever good and leaves no doubt in our hearts that He is so. Johnson’s overflowing joy creates an enthused atmosphere that displays the timeless and classic nature of true worship that cannot be compared with anything else—because it offers a glimpse of heaven. The trumpet-enthused songs invite worshippers of God to come together and unite in praise, dancing, and worship—you can see that this is the true intent of Jabari Johnson in putting together Day of Redemption! About Jabari Johnson It’s rare that you find a millennial artist with a passion for Christ that bleeds through every opportunity he stands among believers and friends. Jabari Johnson is an individual who puts his whole heart into every lyric and note. …

Interview With Physical Fitness Expert, Theresa Rowe

Theresa Rowe is a fitness instructor and a speaker, a wonderful woman who’s been through a lot and has an amazing story of God’s grace to tell! After surviving a lot of life’s traumas, she has come out on the brighter side much stronger, and with a heart and zeal to serve God and help women who feel lost in the world. She created the Shaped By Faith Fitness program, and has used it ever since as a platform to not only help women get back in shape, but as an opportunity to share the love and Word of God with struggling women. Follow our conversation below and learn more about this amazing warrior woman of God! Miranda ~ Hello Theresa! Happy to have you on TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself? Theresa: Hi Miranda, thank you so much for this interview opportunity! I live in Kentucky where the blue grass grows. Actually the grass is a beautiful dark green! My husband, Robin, and I live on a farm with …