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Website Review ~ Vooks

Category Online/Website Genre Library/Children/Animation Rating 4 Stars Review Vooks is a wonderful children’s library that brings to life the words in a book in a magical way. Through Vooks, a child can get the full experience of both reading a book and watching an animated movie. Special attention was paid to viewing delivery so that it is pretty engaging, and this makes it easy for a child to not only follow, but to also grasp what a story is trying to portray. This explains why vooks is a favorite and trustworthy resource for teachers–it makes their work easier! But anyone can use vooks. Anyone. For a lovely, learning and relaxing story time with your child, vooks will certainly not disappoint, as it promises a satisfying experience. *Try for 30 days free. Sign up at *Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to Momentum Influencer Network and Vooks for a sample of the product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Website Review ~ Christian Quotes

Category Christian Website Rating 3.5 Stars Review Christian Quotes is a simply wonderful and beautiful website that delivers God’s Word in concise nuggets that are bold, poignant, and easy to digest. In a world where Christianity—God’s Word and the message of the Gospel—is mostly watered down, Christian Quotes serves the truth dug from the depths of Scripture that has been forgotten as clearly illustrated by New Age teachings, gently pointing the children of God over and over again to God’s pure, whole and unaltered Word with gallant, tender, and excellent persuasion that nudges young believers in the right direction, and sounds a wake-up call to old-time believers. While it’s not a replacement for daily devotion and quiet time, it’s a superb place to pick up healthy nuggets of wisdom for the soul/spirit to meditate on throughout the day. Their daily email subscription delivery provides banners of inspirational quotes with backdrops of expressive photos that add color, fun, and meaning to the overall message of the quotes. A pleasant feature of the Christian Quotes is its …