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Description Tricks That A Writer Could Learn From An Actor

Movies are just like books in some ways. They begin a story, display characters, arrive at an arch, and then come to an end. But they have differences as well, such as:      A movie creates visuals for a viewer to see; all you need to do is follow the story. A book on the other hand, through well-crafted words, is able to lead you to develop the visuals in your mind as you follow the story.      A movie story is more or less summarized into two hours, otherwise broken into parts, while a book is only as fast as the reading pace of a reader. These two differences are products of one exquisite similarity that movies and books share. They both Show, Not Tell. How is this so, you may ask. You would realize that in a book, monologue is present. As a reader, you are allowed access into a character’s head. However, in a movie, it is not always the case. In fact, rarely so. How then do you know what a …