TBAP Interviews

TBAP has had the honor of interviewing Christian professionals on various platforms that include the entertainment, literary, business, fashion & sports industries and the Church, who have the passion to impact the world in a positive way. Follow these interviews and learn more about these people and how they blaze the trail.


sa15_075Alberts, Steve (Actor)

Remember the short film, Children of War, by writer, producer, and director, Apolonia Davalos (read the TBAP review here)? It was a lovely movie, and after having the privilege of privately viewing it, the lead actor, Steve Alberts, is with us today!

Follow our chat below and learn more about this talented gentleman…continue reading here.


Brenda S. AndersonAnderson, Brenda S. (Author)

It’s with utmost delight that I introduce Brenda to you today! She’s an author dear to my heart for many reasons, but I’ll name a few: our debut novels got published in the same month; our blog tours were running concurrently; we appeared on each others blogs during the tours; we both write outside of the “traditional” box as far as regular Christian fiction is concerned; our debut stories are similar in many ways (I would mention how, but then they’d be too many spoilers); etc…continue reading here.

Del BaronBaron, Del (Executive producer & Filmmaker)

You all remember Irene Santiago, right? The lovely and interesting actress/producer that stopped by on TBAP some time ago? Yeah, that one! Well, today her fellow colleague in film-making (and husband) is visiting us today! How great! Without further ado, I present to you, Del Baron, one of the executive producers of the faith-based movie Adrenaline! Join us below…continue reading here.

trish-basingerBasinger, Trish (Actor)

Once again, I’m happy to welcome another cast member of the movie, Losing Breen, a film by Culdee Studios and directed by Doc Benson! Today, we welcome Trish Basinger, the actress cast as Breen.

Join us below as we chat…continue reading here.



Catherine Bell AuthorBell, Catherine (Author)

When I first discovered Rush of Shadows, I believed it would be a remarkable read, and it didn’t disappoint (read my review). So I thought, why not reach out to Catherine, the author, and learn what she has to say about certain issues that were referenced in the book? I’m glad I did. If there’s one thing you’ll learn about Catherine, it’s that she’s exceedingly honest, not only in her writing, but in her answers…continue reading here.

doc bensonBenson, Doc (Movie Director & Producer)

I came to learn of Doc Benson, first, through movie director and producer, Sharon Wilharm, and then later, when I heard of his acclaimed film, Seven Deadly Words. Doc, as well as other professionals, later became a guest on TBAP’s 2016 Easter Fiesta, which was fantastic! Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing him. Come learn more about Doc Benson in our chat below…continue reading here.

Joanne Bischof - Headshot 1Bischof, Joanne (Author)

People, Joanne is one of my favorite authors. I’ve followed her work from her first book, Be Still My Soul. Her writing is one of the best I’ve encountered as a reader. So far, I don’t know anyone who’s regretted reading her book. (You can read my review of her most recent work, This Quiet Sky here.) This beauty doesn’t stop in her work. Joanne is one of the nicest people I’ve ‘met.’ She’s very sweet and giving! Please, get to know this awesome lady by following our chat…continue reading here.

linkedin.jpgBoikian, Sandy (Writer, Director, Producer)

The lovely Sandy Boikian is a writer, director and producer, and she’s the filmmaker behind the wonderful movie, Fragile World (read the TBAP review of Fragile World here). I have the great pleasure and honor of presenting my interview with Sandy today. To learn more about this amazing and interesting woman, follow our chat below…continue reading here.

Emily CampCamp, Emily (Author)

Emily is one of the two authors that officially made me a YA fan. (The other is Rektok Ross.) Emily is the author of the Cambrooke Series. I’ve read and reviewed the two of the books that are available: Here Comes The Light, and Running Back.

Today, Emily is visiting TBAP to tell us more about herself and her work…continue reading here.


Cantrell, Landry (Music Artist)

Landry Cantrell is the artist behind the amazing song, Before You. Going into the studio with producer, Sean Hill, the lovely album, Projections, was the result (read the TBAP review here, and to read the TBAP article, A Deeper Look Into Landry Cantrell’s ‘Before You,’ go here). Landry took some time today to answer some of our questions. Follow our conversation…continue reading here.

Rachelle Rea 5Cobb, Rachelle Rea (Author)

When you go through my biography, one of what you’ll discover about me is that I’m the author of contemporary Romance/suspense, To Die Once. What you may not know is that I had two editors who worked with me. Rachelle was one of them! She’s one of the sweetest people I know, and she, among others, made my publishing journey a lot easier. I can’t thank her enough for that! Rachelle is the author of the Steadfast Love seriescontinue reading here.

CalmDavalos, Apolonia (Actor & Producer)

About two weeks back, I interviewed Filmmaker, Sharon Wilharm, writer and director of the movie, The Good Book. A week later, I reviewed the movie. Today, I’m honored to interview Apolonia Davalos, the lead actress of The Good Book, and a movie producer in her own right. Join us below…continue reading here.


Duffield, David of We Are Leo Band (Music Artist)

We Are Leo recently released an album, The Rush & The Roar(read the TBAP review here) to much acclaim and garnering a lot of attention, and for good reason! Their amazing song, 61/Twenty-three, as well as the others on the album (like Dimension!) resonates on a level so deep, it’s [nearly] impossible not to be impressed by it…continue reading here.

Duhon, Abigail (Music Artist)

Abigail Duhon is a rising star that the world should look out for! With a heart to serve God and be His ambassador in this generation (and hopefully, the next), Duhon is unstoppable as she’s hard at work as a music artist, dancer, and actress. With three albums under her belt…continue reading here.


Garcia, Andy (Music Artist)

With a heart clearly sold out for God, music artist, Andy Garcia, sings with such passion, it’s contagious. He released his debut album, Forever We Sing, July 14th (read the TBAP review here), and the music was as fresh as it was impressive. With the profound belief that his life is nothing short of God’s miracle, Andy, in turn, has developed a love…continue reading here.

img_2355.jpgGotzon, Jenn (Actor)

I always admire people who have a deep passion for using their talent for God, and are not afraid to show it! Jenn Gotzon is one of such. I saw that passion shine through in the silent movie, the The Good Book by Faith Flix Films (You can read my review of that wonderful movie here). We connected on twitter, and Jenn was gracious to let me interview her on TBAP. In reading her answers, I hope you get to appreciate her boldness and the lovely person that she is! So folks, I introduce to you Jenn Gotzon–first time on TBAP…continue reading here.

Michelle Griep HeadshotGriep, Michelle (Author)

Dear friends, it is my pleasure to introduce to you today, this wonderful author that I discovered a while back—Michelle Griep! I found her book on Net Galley and decided to give it a go, and I wasn’t disappointed. The most thrilling part of her book was her choice of a hero, Ethan. You can read my review of that wonderful piece here.

continue reading here.


Hill, Sean (Music Producer)

Sean Hill is the amazing producer behind Landry Cantrell’s spectacular album, Projections, releasing today, June 16th (read the TBAP review of Projections here). Sean is not just a producer, but a songwriter as well. Hard at work on a Christmas album already, Sean took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us…continue reading here.

Horenburg, Jacob “Mogli The Iceburg” (Music Artist)

Born Jacob Horenburg, but known in the music industry as Mogli The Iceburg, Mogli is a producer and rap artist, and also part of a collective called the Indie Tribe. Mogli recently released a new album, Tumultu (read the TBAP review), full of questions that will burn in the heart of every listener, advocating for love and acceptance, and taking a stand against hate and stereotyping…continue reading here.

Howland, Chris (Music Artist)

Chris Howland has been in the music scene as a music producer, singer, and songwriter for over a decade. His story of salvation is one that is quite striking, and his honesty about his walk in the industry is inspiring. Chris has collaborated with artists like Dream Records’ Joel Vaughn, and also, Spencer Kane. He also has a new single out, Way Up. Chris took the time to discuss his personal journey with us today. Take a look below…continue reading here.

satellites-sirens-photo.jpg.jpegHunker, Geoff of Satellites & Sirens (Music Artist)

The band, Satellites & Sirens, has been in the music scene since 2006, and with each release, they are getting more heard. Their latest album, TANKS, is being released today  (you can also read the TBAP review here), and so if you’re in the mood for some good music, you can follow the buy link, and download your copy…continue reading here.

Lori HynsonHynson, Lori (Author)

I’m truly honored to host Lori on TBAP today! Her book, SuperGal vs God, a fiction-styled memoir, blew me away, and ever since reading it (you can find my review here), I couldn’t help but contact Lori and invite her over. And I tell you, she’s every bit as fun and funny as her memoir entails…continue reading here.


Justice, Carmen (Music Artist)

Carmen Justice was the front-woman for the Christian music girl band, One Girl Nation. After a good run of about five years, the group disbanded, and Carmen went solo. This year has seen her release some singles such as Flaming Arrows and Red & Yellow Black & White (feat. GabeReal). Carmen took the time to share a bit about her life with us on TBAP. Take a look below…continue reading here.

jessicaKoloain, Jessica (Actor)

I am once again delighted to present to you an interview with another cast member of Doc Benson’s Losing Breen! Jessica Koloian played the character, Hope, a character that she says is neutral. She raises some interesting points about acting and the faith-based film industry, laying much emphasis on the art itself…continue reading here.



Keely Brooke KeithKeith, Keely Brooke (Author & Talent Manager)

Keely contacted me about her new book, and one of the first things I perceived about her was her niceness as a person, and her enthusiasm for the publishing world. I reviewed Keely’s book and loved it! (You can take a look at my review here.) It made me anxious for the next books in the series. I’m looking forward to reading them! Come with me now as I chat with Keely…continue reading here.


Kingsbury, Karen & Russell, Tyler (Authors)

Tyler Russell is no stranger on TBAP (read his 2018 exclusive interview here) and he and his mom, bestselling author of Christian Fiction, Karen Kingsbury, are no strangers to the Christian literary/entertainment audience either. They recently co-authored a book, Finding Home, a new addition to the dearly loved Baxter Family series, coming out this February 25th. Karen and Tyler graciously talked with TBAP and granted us a peek into the writing journey of this latest addition. Take a look here.

Konkin, Tina (Author & Celebrity Marriage Counselor)

Celebrity marriage counselor and relationship expert, Tina Konkin, is the Founder and Director of Relationship Lifeline. Tina has counseled many celebrity and high profile couples, and her organization has seen a success rate of over 90%. She has appeared on Dr. Phil and The Real House Wives. In September, she released her highly anticipated book, Love, Sex & Money: The R3 Factor of Great Relationships, which she co-authored with her late husband, Ron. Tina took some time to share with the world on TBAP about her life, work, and faith…continue reading here.

Land, Justin (Music Artist)

The Case For Christ:  Songs Inspired By the Original Motion Picture is an album by DREAM Records in connection with the film, The Case For Christ, based on Lee Strobel’s best selling book of the same name.  Both the film and the songs-inspired album released on April 7, 2017.  The album features songs from some of the largest church worship teams in the world such as NewSpring WorshipNew Hope OahuLakewood, Seacoast Worship, G12 and many more. Justin Land of Stonecreek Worship wrote and sang the song, Great and Mightycontinue reading here.

NadineLee, Nadine (Filmmaker)

Folks, not long ago, I discovered Nadine on twitter. She’s in the process of preparing for a project subsequent to the movie Wheeler. We chatted a little, and I really got interested in her project, as I’ve never seen or heard of the topic of ghosts handled in a Christian movie before. So I invited her over to talk about it a bit. Maybe it will pique your interest as it did mine?…continue reading here.

luluLong, Jonathan (Author)

Jonathan is from small town, Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. After being an atheist for a time in his life, he came to realize God as a loving father, and decided to dedicate his life and use his experiences to help others know God on a much deeper level. One of the ways he aims to achieve this is with his recently released devotional, Whispers from Godcontinue reading here.



Cheryl and Purple Pen SmallMcKay, Cheryl (Screenwriter & Author)

After watching the movie The Ultimate Gift, I couldn’t help but go in search of everything and everyone involved in the making of this wonderful movie. And, so, that’s how I found Cheryl. After some emails, Cheryl graciously agreed to an interview on TBAP. Please, get to know this wonderful writer as we chat below. And, if you didn’t know, I posted a review of her recent book, Song of Springhill two days ago (you can read it here)continue reading here.

Hudson and Tucker MeekMeek, Tucker and Hudson (Child Actors)

For a while now, we’ve talked about Providence, the movie, by Faith Flix Films. And, so, it’s with pleasure that I introduce these adorable brothers and child actors, Hudson and Tucker Meek! They are part of the cast of Providence, and acted as brothers. Tucker also acted in A Walk In The Woods with Robert Redford, and, Hudson in the movie adaptation of the acclaimed book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, alongside Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth. Many thanks to their mum, Lani, who helped make this interview possible…continue reading here.

Rachael Messini AlbumMessini, Rachael (Music Artist)

It’s been wonderful interviewing Rachael. I find her truly honest and humble, and I, in turn, am inspired and humbled by what I’ve come to learn from and about her. When I first listened to her album, I said within myself, “Goodness! Such honesty!” I couldn’t help but seek out the person behind such beautiful music/lyrics, and she graciously spared us her time. Folks, I hope you’re inspired by her as I am.  You can read my review of her album, and more importantly, I hope you get to listen to it as well. it’s available on itunescontinue reading here.

michelle_special07Onuorah, Michelle N. (Author & Screenwriter)

Once, pinterest paired me with Laura Frantz as my author twin, a truly sweet woman whom I feel I don’t visit her page often enough (Hey Laura!). In some ways, I can understand why I was paired with Laura, as some of our writing principles are the same. But if I had another twin, it would be Michelle. Her work is one of the best I’v ever encountered. We are alike not only in writing, but in heart…continue reading here.

Parker, Matthew (Music Artist)

Matthew Parker, a brilliant artist, released his debut album, Adventure, on May 10th (read the TBAP review here). Adventure is full of many stories and God’s Word so that altogether, the album is a thrilling combo of encouragement and entertainment. The generally pop album reveals some of Parker’s experiences and his interesting…continue reading here.

Dani PettreyPettrey, Dani (Author)

I was honored to be selected last year as a judge by the Inspy Awards Advisory Board in the Contemporary Romance & Romance-Suspense Category. It was a wonderful experience! I discovered some very lovely authors, including Dani Pettrey. So I decided to invite her over to TBAP for an interview. She kindly agreed to join us on this New Year’s day! How sweet is that, right? Learn more about Dani…continue reading here.

paloma2Pilar, Paloma (Actor)

I’ve had the honor of hosting writer, director, and film producer, Apolonia Davalos in an interview on TBAP! I’ve also had the honor of privately viewing her award-winning short film, Children of War (read the TBAP review here). Today, as a guest on TBAP, is Paloma Pilar, the lead actress in Children of War. She is sweet and exciting to get to know! Follow our chat below and learn more about this wonderful woman…continue reading here.



Ratcliff, Cindy Cruse (Music Artist)

The Case For Christ:  Songs Inspired By the Original Motion Picture is an album by DREAM Records in connection with the film, The Case For Christ, based on Lee Strobel’s best selling book of the same name.  Both the film and the songs-inspired album released on April 7, 2017.  The album features songs from some of the largest church worship teams in the world such as NewSpring WorshipNew Hope OahuLakewood, Seacoast Worship, G12 and many more. Cindy Ratcliff from Lakewood Church, wrote and sang the song, I Believecontinue reading here.

headshotRichardson, Kimberly J. (Actor)

It’s always a blessing to get to know the actors we see on screen. They allow you to have a peek into their lives and the beautiful work that they do, and you get to gain some wisdom from the much that they have to offer. It’s even better when you perceive the humility and genuineness of their hearts as they converse with you, whether in person or otherwise…continue reading here.

Rock Worship (Church Music Crew)

The Rock Worship released the God Will Reign album this July 7th (read the TBAP review here), with instrumentation as powerful and excellent as the songs were wonderfully joyful! The group first launched in the year 2000 in Anaheim, California with the passion and vision to disciple Orange County for Jesus…continue reading here.

dick-rolfeRolfe, Richard “Dick” (Co-founder & Chairman Emeritus, Dove Foundation)

Dick Rolfe, through The Dove Foundation, has inspired much positive change in Hollywood, independent filmmaking, and the Christian film industry. His work speaks of a courage that many hope to emulate. In the midst of the busyness due to his transition from CEO of The Dove Foundation to Chairman Emeritus…continue reading here.

Ross, Christian “Heriam” (Music Artist)

The Case For Christ:  Songs Inspired By the Original Motion Picture is an album by DREAM Records in connection with the film, The Case For Christ, based on Lee Strobel’s best selling book of the same name.  Both the film and the songs-inspired album released on April 7, 2017.  The album features songs from some of the largest church worship teams in the world such as NewSpring WorshipNew Hope OahuLakewood, Seacoast Worship, G12 and many more. Christian “Heriam” Ross, wrote and sang the song, Your Moment Has Comecontinue reading here.

Rektok RossRoss, Rektok (Author & Book/Film/TV Journalist)

And now dear friends, I’d like you to join Rektok and I below for a wonderful and intriguing chat. Have fun with us!

1. Hello Rektok! Thank you for joining us today. Please, could you tell us a bit about yourself?…continue reading here.

Rowe, Theresa (Physical Fitness Expert)

Theresa Rowe is a fitness instructor and a speaker, a wonderful woman who’s been through a lot and has an amazing story of God’s grace to tell! After surviving a lot of life’s traumas, she has come out on the brighter side much stronger, and with a heart and zeal to serve God and help women who feel lost in the world. She created the Shaped By Faith Fitness program, and has used it ever since as a platform to not only help women get back in shape…continue reading here.

alexa-janssonRussell, Chloe ‘Alexa Jansson’ (Actor)

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the wonderful movie, Fragile World. Today, I’m interviewing its lead actress, Chloe ‘Alexa Jansson’ Russell. Follow our chat below and learn more about this lovely lady!

Miranda ~ Hello Alexa! Delighted to have you here at TBAP. Could you please tell us a bit about yourselfcontinue reading here.

Yolonda - OfficialSanders, Yolonda (Author)

It’s my pleasure to host Yolonda on TBAP today! She recently released a book, Shadow of Death (learn more about it below), the third installment in the Protective Detective Series. Follow our chat below, and learn  more about Yolonda!

continue reading here.

Irene TheatricalHeadshot by ChloeSantiago, Irene (Actor, Movie Producer, Public Speaker & Voice Talent)

Some time last year, I invited Sharon Wilharm, movie producer at Faith Flix Films to an interview on TBAP. I also reviewed her latest movie at the time, The Good Book (you can read the review here), and I can tell you, it was wonderful and brilliantly inspirational! Made me remember how powerful the Bible is. Today and in the coming weeks, I will be interviewing some of the cast/crew of Providence, Sharon’s new movie presently in production. So without further ado, I invite you to get to know Irene Santiago in our chat below…continue reading here.

Sleeth, Val & Clark (Missionary Medical Professionals)

Clark and Val Sleeth are missionaries in Kenya, who serve as medical professionals at the Tenwek Hospital. TBAP first heard of Val and Clark after reviewing the book, Reforesting Faith (read the review here), written by medical doctor, Matthew Sleeth, who is also Clark’s father. After a series of newsletter following the Sleeth clan, TBAP learned of the amazing work done by Clark and Val. Val and Clark took the time to enlighten us a bit about their work and journey at the Tenwek Hospital. Take a look! …continue reading here.

joel-smallboneSmallbone, Joel (Music Artist)

For King & Country has been a powerful voice of gospel and entertainment music for five years now. Since they first started, they’ve amassed an envious fan base that speaks of the quality of their music on a spiritual level, as well as an emotional one. In 2016, they decided, along with their brother, Ben Smallbone, to branch into filmmaking, producing the movie, Pricelesscontinue reading here.

jamie-lee-2.jpg.jpegSmith, Jamie Lee (Executive Producer, Director & Producer)

Meet the talented and lovely filmmaker, Jamie Lee Smith! In learning about her, I’ve fallen in love with her principles and work ethic. Also, she’s the sweetest and kindest! Her honesty sheds light on the truth about how Hollywood really works in a manner that not only encourages one to stand for what they believe in, but also to maintain one’s integrity. Learn more about the lovely Jamie…continue reading here.

Mike SmithSmith, Michael (Artist Manager)

I first discovered Michael on twitter, and then later followed his tweets to his website and found someone who loves God. A particular post I read showed me a faith in God that one can aspire to. I thought it would be wonderful to interview Mike so he can tell us his story. Here’s a link to an exclusive video Mike made for the interview questions I sent him via email…continue reading here.

Stephenson, Kenan (Creative Director & Songwriter)

Equippers Revolution released the Hands Highalbum this July 14th (read the TBAP review here), which was pleasantly pop with a healthy persuasion that could lead a listener into worship mode. The young, bright, and hopeful Equippers are from Auckland, New Zealand, and their Creative Director and songwriter, Kenan Stephenson, took some time to talk to TBAP on behalf of the group…continue reading here.

Amber Stokes Author PicStokes, Amber (Author)

Hello friends! The day has finally come that we begin the Forget Me Not blog tour, and To Be A Person has the honor of hosting Amber Stokes, my friend and the author of this fabulous read, on the very first day! How cool is that?!

continue reading here.

Rich SwingleSwingle, Rich (Actor)

For a while now, the promotion of the movie, Providence, for Faith Flix Films has been on, on this blog, and, I must admit that in interviewing some of the cast members, I’ve learned so much (you can read the two prior interviews here and here). I’ve grown as a person, and as a blogger in a way I find gratifying. I hope that’s your experience as you follow these interviews. Join me and Rich Swingle below in this lovely and inspiring chat…continue reading here.

Juli Tapken 3Tapken, Juli (Actor)

Still on promoting the movie Providence I’m glad to welcome actress, Juli Tapken, on TBAP! She’s delightful, sweet, and very friendly (so glad we’re facebook buddies, too!) Without much ado, I invite you to join us in the conversation below…continue reading here.

Lexy TaysTays, Lexy (Singer & Songwriter)

You all know the lovely actress, Jenn Gotzon! She graciously visited TBAP some time ago. Now, one day on twitter (which I’m sure by now you know is my favorite social media!), Jenn introduced me to this lovely young lady, Lexy. Jenn thought it was a good idea that, Lexy and I, know each other. I thought that was sweet, and, not long afterwards, I invited Lexy to TBAP! …continue reading here.

Jody ThomaeThomae, Jody (Author, Music artist & Worship Leader)

When you visit Jody’s website, one of the first things you learn about her is that she is deeply devoted to God and has a heart to serve Him. Jody believes in telling the whole world (and each person that she meets) that they have a purpose in God’s hands. I totally find that inspiring because that’s exactly what TBAP is all about! Join me and Jody below and get to know her a little more…continue reading here.

Thrasher2012-48Thrasher, Travis (Author)

Travis Thrasher is prolific writer and quite the accomplished author. He’s written numerous books acquired by  publishers in several countries and novelized Christian movies. TBAP reached out to Travis for an interview and he graciously took some time to attend to our questions. Follow our chat below and learn more about this incredible author…continue reading here.

Tyndall, MaryLu (Author)

I’m delighted to introduce to you, on TBAP today, renowned author, MaryLu Tyndall (although, she needs no introduction)! MaryLu is one of my top five authors of ALL time, and I’m honored that she would stop by on TBAP today to pay us visit. This anointed and gifted woman of God has a lot of wisdom to share, it’s quite marveling! Follow our conversation below and learn more about this amazing woman…continue reading here.



Vaughn, Joel (Music Artist)

Joel Vaughn is the artist with the powerful voice behind the amazing album, Surrender (you can read the TBAP review of Surrender here). I’m delighted to have him stop by on TBAP today to let us know more about the person behind the album, as well as the story that led to his career which began in 2005. Follow our chat below…continue reading here.

luciano-j-vignolaVignola, Luciano J. (Actor)

Luciano Vignola is both an actor in film and theater, as wellas a musician, and has been in the entertainment business for quite a while. He recently starred in the short film, Children of War by APOLONIAD Productions. It is my pleasure to have a sit down with him today, and get to know him a little better. Join us in our chat below and learn more about Luciano…continue reading here.

natalie-villa-photoVilla, Natalie (Music Artist)

I remember when I first heard Natalie’s LOL song. I was blown away by it, and decided to follow this amazing artist. Fast-forward years after, I have the privilege of interviewing Natalie today, and presenting her inspiring words on TBAP!

Follow our chat below and learn more about this amazing woman of God…continue reading here.

rob-profile-blueWestall, Rob (Music Artist)

Rob Westall co-leads the worship team at Gateway Church in the UK. He is currently in the studio recording his debut worship album, and took time out in-between sessions to speak to us! And I tell you, it’s been quite an inspiring journey! Learn more about this incredible recording artist and worship leader in our chat below…continue reading here.

White, Angela (Movie Producer)

Angela White is a movie producer, writer, and speaker. She’s the person behind the film, A Question of Faith (read the TBAP review here), one that turned out to be a favorite among many Christian audience. Beginning her journey as a talent manager, she discovered her love for story and telling it on screen, and then went full-time, starting a company of her own with a clear mission that holds true to her work. She took the time with TBAP to tell us a bit about herself, her faith, her journey as a producer, and how the project, A Question of Faith, came to be on screen. Take a look…continue reading here.

Jennifer Whitus 3Whitus, Jennifer (TV/Film Makeup Artist)

In promoting the movie, Providence, TBAP is hosting some interviews. Last week, actress and filmmaker, Irene Santiago, visited our corner. Today, TBAP is hosting Jennifer Whitus, the makeup artist who worked on the characters on the Providence set. Follow our chat below…continue reading here.

Sharon headshotWilharm, Sharon (Producer, Director & Screenwriter)

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Sharon Wilharm, a film producer/director/screenwriter. I first discovered Sharon when I followed a tweet that led to her website (and didn’t regret it!), and, saw the wonderful work she was doing there. So I thought it would be a good idea to interview her. Please, join us below…continue reading here.

Woods, Ayiesha (Music Aritst)

Grammy Award-nominated artist, Ayiesha Woods is a familiar name in the Christian Music neighborhood. She’s the amazing voice behind the 2006 hit song, Happy. With three full albums, a holiday project, Christmas Like This, an early 2017 EP release, The Runaway Project, and her latest single, Stop, Woods has continued to shine in the Christian Music Industry. Taking some time with TBAP, Ayiesha got personal, allowing the world to have a peek into her life. Take a look…continue reading here.



Zello, Rachel (Music Artist)

Rachel Zello is a fun and passionate woman whose zeal is obvious and contagious! She reaches out for life with both hands, and is not afraid to speak of her journey of faith as well as the struggles that come with, and how that journey has led her to where she is right now. She’s made bold steps borne out of her belief of what God has said to her, and her personal testimony is breathtakingly inspiring. Rachel took the time to visit with TBAP and talk about her faith walk and her journey in music. Take a look here.

Contact the Editor, Miranda A. Uyeh, if you’re interested in being interviewed.

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