Tumultu By Mogli the Iceburg

Raw. Honest. Bold…but in a manner that is not impolite. In this courageous attempt to preach a message of love, acceptance, and unity by speaking against hatred, racism, and division, Mogli the Iceburg goes ahead to lay out the reality of the world we live in today, raising questions in the lyrics that would cause any listener to pause and consider his words…continue reading here.

The Case For Christ: Songs Inspired By The Original Motion Picture

The Case For Christ album, inspired by the original motion picture of the same title, opens with the theme song sung by JT Murrell. Attention to the overall lyrics show a careful consideration of each song clearly chosen to pass across the message that God is real, and He hasn’t stopped…continue reading here.

There Is A Cloud By Elevation Worship

There Is A Cloud is an exceptional album with songs whose lyrics are uplifting and soul-soothing. The Christian listener, firstly, through the theme song There Is A Cloud (and subsequent others), is reminded of the promises of God, a message that tells the child of God that s/he is not forgotten—God is faithful; He hasn’t failed us yet…continue reading here.

joel-vaughn-surrender-artwork-digitalSurrender by Joel Vaughn

Surrender is a beautiful album that reflects a person’s need for God and His love. It’s more than a collection of songs—it’s a string of prayers, hope, and truth that is organic and relatable on a very deep level. With a clear, powerful, and soothing voice, Vaughn sings with heart that leads a listener to that true place of faith, hope, and worship…continue reading here.

jonah-by-kj-52Jonah by KJ-52

The 11th release by KJ-52, album, Jonah, begins on a relatively soft note with Hold On, a song aimed at inspiring hope in a listener, and then moves on to more head-nodding numbers that entertain as well as preach, The general form of the lyrics, apart from achieving its original objective of uplifting a listener…continue reading here.

the-thrill-of-hope-christy-nockelsThe Thrill of Hope by Christy Nockels

The first feeling that came to mind when the instruments of the first track started playing, was a rush of positive anticipation. The Thrill of Hope is a beautiful combo of hymn-like songs and contemporary music sang with such heart and genuineness of faith and love for God—evidently heard in Nockels’ voice…continue reading here.

wp-1476013337435.jpegTANKS By Satellites & Sirens

The 12-track TANKS album begins with the lovely Hey! (This Is The Life), a wonderful symphony that would sway any listener with its amazing violin sounds. There’s a joyous quality to this particular song, which is a brilliant way to kick-start any album. The message in the lyrics is in harmony with the music, encouraging its listeners to truly live…continue reading here.

wp-1475168615261.jpegEncounter By The Neverclaim

Neverclaim opens Encounter with the amazing and powerful Our God Wins, a song that reminds the listener of their faith that can overcome all things because God always wins. There’s a joyful and gleeful hype to this album that’s both uplifting and contagious. Clearly, Encounter was prepared with the heart and purpose of reminding the Christian of his/her place in God, and how wonderful and life-changing this encounter could be…continue reading here.

cover170x170-1.jpeg.jpegFuture + Hope By New Hope Oahu

Future + Hope began with the head-nodding disco-popish (Jesus) I Want You, and then slid into contemporary worshipful mode for most of the album. In listening to Future + Hope, there’s the clear sense that it is so much more than the music and the singing, but all about worship to God, Most High. Each song is designed to lead the listener into complete surrender in heart and in spirit. The simple but amazing lyrics are soft and beautiful, blending wonderfully…continue reading here.

Hopes Not Giving Up - Remedy DriveHope’s Not Giving Up By Remedy Drive

There’s a hymn and pop/rock quality to the opening of the album which give the impression of church worship and concert music as one element, which in my opinion, is a sweet combo for any music-loving Christian.

While the album may have opened with the delightful Better Than Life song, the first piece to strike a chord in my heart was All Along (look out for it; song #3)…continue reading here.

Unspoken - Follow ThroughFollow Through By Unspoken

A true testament of faith and God’s goodness, a splendid sacrifice of praise and worship, and a relentless gospel-telling piece, Follow Through is an album full of positive energy, spiritual upliftment, and, it doesn’t hold back in melody power. From Higher to Roots, each song is lyrically beautiful—packed with God’s Word and truthful life experiences that will resonate with any believer, which is a lovely design to mend broken faiths, hearts and spirits…continue reading here.

cover170x170.jpegMighty By Becky Shae

My first impression when listening to Mighty, the first song in this 9-track album was, ‘This is new and good. Catchy, too!’ On the secular side, her voice can be likened to that of Christina Aguilera, and on the Christian side, some of her songs are somewhat similar to Jamie Grace’s. There’s an ‘oldies’ quality to it, and intertwined with jazz, it presents a unique urban style of soul and pop that is…continue reading here.

phpthumb_generated_thumbnail.jpegHold The Light By Bread Of Stone

This lovely 10-track album begins with the upbeat, faith-refreshing song, (Hold the light) I’m Not Afraid (anymore), which is positively medicinal to the soul. This headnodding, melodious,  flow continues into track 3. Of applaudable mention is the style/formation of the lyrics—quite poetic and figurative…continue reading here.

The Light In Us - Jon BauerThe Light In Us By Jon Bauer

The album begins with a song that puts you in easy mode, before proceeding into a flavor that’s more upbeat. Taking a look at the lyrics, overall, it points to one major theme—gratitude to God for His goodness and faithfulness! As indicated above, there’s a simple and easy-going manner to which Bauer…continue reading here.

Black Canvas - BrinsonBlack Canvas: UWMA 2 By Brinson

Say it like it is, is what I’ll label this album. Though just seven tracks, it is clear that a major theme is discouragement of ‘religion,’ showing instead with its lyrics, the power of grace, with the directness that hip-hop is known for. The hip-hop style is traditional and conventional…continue reading here.

This Changes Everything - Cana's VoiceThis Changes Everything By Cana’s Voice

The music of this album comes off initially as a semi-acapella, urban country, and the traditional contemporary worship. In a time when the norm is rock/pop/hip-hop, this is a welcome change! Most of the lyrics are simple and easy to follow so that not much effort is required for a sing-along if you pay enough attention…continue reading here.

Reborn Manafest 2Reborn by Manafest

This is a sophisticated blend of hip-hop and rock. In-depthly mature, as well as entertaining, the lyrics don’t relent in preaching God’s message of truth, with sincerity and poignancy—there’s boldness in these lyrics, which is quite endearing! Manafest, overtime, has composed a blend of music that is unique to him. I appreciate this so much…continue reading here.

jekob-this-side-of-the-skyThis Side of the Sky by Je’kob

Truly and natively hip-hop, Je’kob doesn’t hold back in this album. He’s a refreshing voice with a strong presence. The songs are catchy and entertaining, and equally true to their message of Christianity. One song in particular—I Believe—caught my attention. It had a flavor of urban reggae…continue reading here.

Fast ForwardFast Forward by The Walls Group

This is an album that is worshipful in its presentation. Most of the songs are slow- to medium-paced with an alternate/moderate rock theme as a backdrop to the music. Others are beautifully acoustic with an easy, worshipful flow…continue reading here.

Forward by Jonas Park and David BollmanForward by Jonas Park & David Bollman

This is a hope-filled album of gratitude, and reverence to God, with lyrics layered with evidence of deep faith and awe-inspired worship, even coercing/leading you to feel the same way as you listen, so that it reaches far beyond entertainment to a realm where you enjoy fellowship with God. The songs have an alternate quality to its rock, at the same time maintaining a soft, atmospheric mode, so that the instruments don’t overshadow the vocals, but are merely/clearly a support to the worship…continue reading here.

Rachael Messini AlbumHonestly by Rachael Messini

This is an album full of heart, poetry, and personal confessions. Some songs tell personal stories, wonderings/ponderings. Others are confessions of faith, so that the overall theme is a tale of a personal/spiritual journey of a woman who’s opened her heart to the world. It’s like a woman who has found her place, and is ready to tell the world her story. It is both personal, refreshing, and entertaining…continue reading here.

Oxygen by Lincoln BrewsterOxygen by Lincoln Brewster

Truly a worship album! It’s that kind of music with the basic elements of rock, but with a popish feel to it. There’s an overall theme that runs throughout the album—praise God because there’s hope. Truly edifying, wonderfully uplifting, and remarkably entertaining. It’s like a party album for church…continue reading here.