Policy On Reviews

Thank you for taking the time to consider this policy.

First, ONLY Christian and Christian-themed books/music are reviewed on TBAP. Inspirational movies that are non-Christian are also considered.

While fiction is preferred, the editor wouldn’t turn down a good, helpful non-fiction book. For non-fiction, spiritual/self-help books, memoirs, and devotionals are accepted. As regards to fiction, all genres of Christian Romance, thriller, fantasy, speculative and mystery are accepted. Horror or any book that is on the spiritual or violence extreme is NOT accepted. LGBTQP, erotica or any work that has extreme profanity in its content are NOT accepted (if the book does contain some profanity, warn the editor in the email you will send by letting her know the specifics).

ONLY eBooks in PDF, kindle or ePub are accepted. An attachment to an email is fine. If you choose to offer a review copy to the editor by gifting it through amazon, B&N etc., that’s okay, too.

If you have a music album/movie that you want reviewed, please provide a link/password to a private station/screener where it can be listened to/viewed by the editor (vimeo, youtube and soundcloud allow this and, it’s the preferred option), or provide a link from where it can be downloaded, preferably as a zipped folder. If you, however, prefer to mail a DVD or CD, that’s okay, too (contact the editor, and you’ll be provided with a mailing address). You can also gift it through a retailer.

Review services on TBAP are free. All that the editor offers is an honest opinion.

Keep in mind that the editor reserves the right to turn down any request to review a book/music/movie, even after an initial agreement to do so. This would usually happen after a received copy is found to not comply with the review policy; the editor will then contact the writer/artist/company/publisher/publicist to let them know that a review of their work/project will not be published on TBAP. If your work is accepted, this (for books only) and this apply, and, the following will be needed along with the review copy:


1. Author photo.

2. Book cover.

3. Author biography.

4. Back cover copy.


Music Album

1. Artist/band photo.

2. Album cover.

3. Artist/band biography

*If you have a special message about your album that you’d like to be added to the article, you can include that as an attachment to the email you’ll send.



1. The movie’s official poster/banner.

2. The movie’s official trailer.

3. The movie’s blurb.

4. The movie’s press kit ( if you have one).


ALL documents should be sent in MS Word. ONLY press kits are accepted in PDF. Documents and other files MUST be sent as email attachments and NOT posted in the body of the email.

The editor will always post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and To Be A Person, or anywhere else that you may request. When reviews for books are published on the TBAP blog, it will be stated that a free copy of the book was received from the author/publisher/publicist in exchange for the editor’s honest opinion.


In my experience as a reviewer, while I maintain that I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to review literature/entertainment are:

1. To tell the readers EXACTLY what to expect without engaging spoilers. I believe it is the best way to prepare anyone paying attention to that particular work of art.

2. To tell what I believe is right/wrong with the book/album/movie. That is, professional critiquing.

3. To tell what I particularly liked/disliked about the book/entertainment. Please, don’t confuse this with #2. While #2 tells what is professionally right/wrong with the work, this tells what I personally liked/disliked. This may include stating whether or not I believe the work of art holds up to Scriptural standard.

4. To relate the pocket/main theme of the book/album/movie.

5. To make reference/compare it to other works of art, so that the readers have a good feel of what I’m talking about.

6. Finally, while I will ALWAYS tell readers what to expect, I may or may not state if I liked the book/album/movie, overall. I may choose to allow #1 through #5 (except #3) to speak for the work, allowing readers to decide for themselves if they will indulge the book/movie/music or not. This is because works/careers of authors/artists/filmmakers may be unduly marred because of unguarded comments. That a book/work of art doesn’t fit my personal interests doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to others. I believe in showing respect to every writer/artist/filmmaker and their work. You can, however, be assured that I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion in the reviews I publish.


The five-star rating system is employed on TBAP.

***** (5 Stars) – Excellent work! Loved it and HIGHLY recommend it!

**** (4 Stars) – Good work. Liked it and I recommend it.

*** (3 Stars) – It’s okay, but could have been better. I hesitate to recommend it.

** (2 Stars) – Could be any or all of these: (i) Did not enjoy it (or its theme); (ii) Was frustrated by it, or it held little or no appeal; (iii) Fell terribly short of standard in plot, structure, theme, characters or setting.

* (1 Star) – I do NOT approve of this work AT ALL.


If you’d like your book/music/movie reviewed on TBAP, contact Miranda A. Uyeh, the editor.


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