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Album Review ~ DREAM Christmas Vol. 4 By Various Artists

Category Religious/Christian Genre Holiday/Christmas Release Date November 1, 2019 Rating 4 Stars Review In this fabulous come-together by DREAM’s artists to celebrate and usher in the Christmas spirit, though ultra modern, the songs do a fine job of remaining true to the authentic message of Christmas—ultimately, that Jesus came, Jesus saves, and God is with us. It’s not every version of the classics that endears, but Switch’s Joy opens the volume beautifully, setting the tone for the entire album. The songs that follow, like Joy, prepared with a twist of urban and pop, produce a fresh taste that won’t easily be forgotten. DREAM’S Vol. 4 is an album whose repertoire can span multiple Christmas events—a party, church service, personal worship, etc.—and deeply satisfy. *Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that  A ‘thank you’ to DREAM Label Group and Lance Brown, DREAM GM, for a free copy in exchange for an honest opinion.  About DREAM Christmas Vol. 4 From the bottom of our hearts we wanted to say …

Artist Scoop ~ Interview With Zion Rempel, Worship Leader & Creative Pastor Of 29:11 Church

It wasn’t too long ago that DREAM Label Group/DREAM Worship released the all wonderful album, Marble & Mortar Vol. I & 2 (read the TBAP review here and here). The incredible people behind the awesome songs, 29:11 Worship, have been writing for their local church and community from the inception of 29:11 Church. Zion Rempel, the Creative pastor took the time to tell us a bit about his personal journey and ministry in 29:11 Church and worship team, in the chat below. Miranda ~ Hello! Pleasure to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Zion: Honored to be here. Hello there, my name is Zion Rempel. I am the Creative Pastor at 29:11 Church in Tempe, Arizona. I have been a part of this movement from the very beginning. It has been incredible to see what it has grown into—from a small Bible study that met in our living room, to a thriving community over just the past five years. I am married to my beautiful wife, Kirstyn, who is …

Album Review ~ Marble & Mortal Vol. 1 By 29:11 Worship

Category/Genre Religious/Christian/Worship Release Date February 15, 2019. Rating 3.5 Stars Review 29:11 presents worship in an intensely impressive and deep way with hearts completely immersed in God, and with a joyful backdrop that testifies of true worship and surrender. The atmosphere is one of deep love for God, and is alive with His Truth and Hope. About 29:11 29:11 Worship is a collective of singers, songwriters, musicians and worship leaders who desire to connect our community with the heart of God. through authentic lyrics, creative melodies, and passionate expression, they seek to cultivate a worship experience that is stirs both the heart and spirit of the listener. having being birthed from a church plant, they faithfully serve their community at 29:11 Church in Phoenix, Arizona.