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Movie Review ~ An Interview With God By Astute Films, Big Indie Pictures & Giving Films

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Drama/Mystery Release Date August 21, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review A solemn, thought-provoking, but overall, hope-inspiring story that centers on the relationship between God and man and how this affects life on earth generally, as well as how it applies to individual living. An Interview With God presents a scenario where the all-knowing God seeks to help man dig deep into the questions of life that matter the most, but are rarely asked because of fear or negligence. Paul (Brendon Thwaites), the journalist, confronts God (David Straithairn) at first, with mockery questions, and subsequently, accusations, which God wisely points out the sources from which each unique issue arises. Interestingly, this story is not cliché at all, as it approaches the man-meets-God scenario with finesse and a unique twist that presents an altogether faith-inspiring message that is timeless. A well-rounded story!

The (Unreal) Fantasy of the World of Entertainment, Fashion & Sports

I’m a huge fan of Hawaii Five-O, and I think Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, and Masi Oka do a fantastic job of keeping the show relatively funny, action-packed, and interesting. While watching season 3, episode 9, a secondary character—a model—said to Daniel Williams (Scott Caan), “People think that the life we live is real, but they don’t realize we’re paid to sell a fantasy” (paraphrased). Unfortunately, many folks don’t realize this is true. They see all that glamor, fame, and money, and take what entertainment TV has to offer as the gospel. I’m not in the world of entertainment, fashion or sports, but I’ve been allowed a peek into it by some few good folks, who are. What I’ve learned? It’s not all cheeses, roses, and unicorns (even though reality TV insists it’s so). Anyone who tells you that is lying to you or trying to sell you something. Yes, there are blessings that come from being successful in each of these industries, and there are probably people whose lives …