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Album Review ~ TANKS by Satellites & Sirens

Category Religious/Christian Genre Disco & Funky Pop/Rock/R&B Release Date October 14, 2016. Rating 4.5 Stars Review The 12-track TANKS album begins with the lovely Hey! (This Is The Life), a wonderful symphony that would sway any listener with its amazing violin sounds. There’s a joyous quality to this particular song, which is a brilliant way to kick-start any album. The message in the lyrics is in harmony with the music, encouraging its listeners to truly live! Clearly, the hearts and souls behind the music of TANKS can be heard in everything about it, and it bleeds love, faith, hope, joy, fun, and life—as God would have us have them. The voice of Satellites & Sirens is not afraid to speak God’s truth and spread His love and the message of the gospel, through music—this is what Christian singing is all about! From the first song, Hey! (This Is The Life), to the last, Waste Some Time—and, with featured artists, Ronnie Petkovich and Joel Vaughn—there’s a promise of a good time and moments of spiritual uplifting! …

Album Review ~ Encounter by Neverclaim

Category Religious/Christian Genre Rock/Contemporary Worship Release Date September 29th, 2016 Rating 4 Stars Review Neverclaim opens Encounter with the amazing and powerful Our God Wins, a song that reminds the listener of their faith that can overcome all things because God always wins. There’s a joyful and gleeful hype to this album that’s both uplifting and contagious. Clearly, Encounter was prepared with the heart and purpose of reminding the Christian of his/her place in God, and how wonderful and life-changing this encounter could be (no pun intended). Apart from the benefit of being spiritually blessed by Encounter, there’s the entertainment value which cannot be ignored or refuted, and these two qualities invite the listener to lift up holy hands, tap their feet and nod their head to the wonderfully orchestrated music. The lyrics contain simple but powerful words that could only be strung together by hearts full of faith and love for God. If you’re a fan of Jesus Culture, you’ll have a blast with Neverclaim’s lovely Encounter.

Album Review ~ Hope’s Not Giving Up by Remedy Drive

Album Photo Category Christian/Inspirational Genre Pop/Rock Release Date September 2nd, 2016 Rating 3.5 Stars Review There’s a hymn and pop/rock quality to the opening of the album which give the impression of church worship and concert music as one element, which in my opinion, is a sweet combo for any music-loving Christian. While the album may have opened with the delightful Better Than Life song, the first piece to strike a chord in my heart was All Along (look out for it; song #3). Resuscitate reminded me of the band Red, but of course, not without the unique flavor that Remedy Drive is known for. Crystal Sea has a soft quality to it that is both soothing and spirit-lifting, as well as entertaining in quiet sort of way. From Better Than Life to Guide You Home, Hope’s Not Giving Up is a pleasant album great for the moments when one is searching for the tranquility that only music can offer.

Album Review ~ Mighty by Beckah Shae

Album Photo Genre Urban Blues & Soul/Funky Pop Release Date July 15th, 2016. Rating 4.5 Stars Review My first impression when listening to Mighty, the first song in this 9-track album was, ‘This is new and good. Catchy, too!’ On the secular side, her voice can be likened to that of Christina Aguilera, and on the Christian side, some of her songs are somewhat similar to Jamie Grace’s. There’s an ‘oldies’ quality to it, and intertwined with jazz, it presents a unique urban style of soul and pop that is pleasantly alluring. This brand of Christian music isn’t done enough,  and I’m of the opinion that there should be more of it. For anyone with a heart for soulful music, looking for a quality that’s uplifting, Shae’s Mighty will be a refreshing discovery! While all the songs are lovely, look out for: Mighty, Wolves, and See Ya Soon. Overall, this is a heartfelt, spirit-lifting album. And, while Beckah Shae isn’t new in the industry, for she’s been singing for the past ten years, she’s certainly an artist to look …

Album Review ~ Hold the Light By Bread of Stone

Album Photo Genre Funky Pop/Rock Release Date July 01, 2016 Rating 4 Stars Review This lovely 10-track album begins with the upbeat, faith-refreshing song, (Hold the light) I’m Not Afraid (anymore), which is positively medicinal to the soul. This headnodding, melodious,  flow continues into track 3. Of applaudable mention is the style/formation of the lyrics—quite poetic and figurative, which intensifies the message in the songs in such an organic way, it’s almost tangible. This is really what rock was designed for! There are moments in the album when the tempo is reduced/low,  which is good  because low-tempo, slow-paced music distracts less, anyway, from the gospel theme of the songs. Also, a bit of hip-hop was interwoven with the alternative of track 3, Parachute, which was supercool in a unique sort of way. The rock in this album isn’t so different from the conventional kind we’ve come to know  (and love), but it isn’t everyday you find one where you LOVE half the songs the instant you hear them without the need to have them grow on …

Album Review ~ The Light in Us by Jon Bauer

Album Photo Genre Rock Release Date June 10th, 2016. Rating 4.5 Stars Review The album begins with a song that puts you in easy mode, before proceeding into a flavor that’s more upbeat. Taking a look at the lyrics, overall, it points to one major theme—gratitude to God for His goodness and faithfulness! As indicated above, there’s a simple and easy-going manner to which Bauer composed the songs/lyrics. One could argue that the best of most song/poetic writings are fantastically complex, but Bauer, with this album, has shown beauty and depth with simple words. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the songs are engagingly melodious! And, oh! My favorite track is, Say Something! I hope to see some good selections from this album in WOW 2017!

Album Review ~ Black Canvas: UWMA 2 by Brinson

Album Photo Genre Hip-hop/Rap Release Date June 3rd, 2016. Rating 3 Stars Review Say it like it is, is what I’ll label this album. Though just seven tracks, it is clear that a major theme is discouragement of ‘religion,’ showing instead with its lyrics, the power of grace, with the directness that hip-hop is known for. The hip-hop style is traditional and conventional—nothing out of the ordinary. Any hip-hop lover searching for a good, old-fashioned holy entertainment that will refresh their faith will be contented with this one!