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Song Review ~ White Noise By CASS feat. Chris Howland

Category Religious/Christian Genre Pop/Rock Release Date August 10, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review CASS’s White Noise is a love song of appeal to God, showing the singer’s passion, zeal, and need for a relationship with God as their lover. This is what it means for Jesus to be the Groom, and us, the Bride, an aspect of the Christian faith not emphasized enough. White Noise shows the earnest pursuit of love and intimacy with God, which is a desperately needed message in music today.

Artist Scoop! ~ Interview with Music Artist, Chris Howland

Chris Howland has been in the music scene as a music producer, singer, and songwriter for over a decade. His story of salvation is one that is quite striking, and his honesty about his walk in the industry is inspiring. Chris has collaborated with artists like Dream Records’ Joel Vaughn, and also, Spencer Kane. He also has a new single out, Way Up. Chris took the time to discuss his personal journey with us today. Take a look below! Miranda ~ Hello Chris! Delighted to have you visit TBAP today! Please tell us a bit about yourself. Chris: Hey! So I’ll attempt to describe myself in a super brief way: I’m a Christian music producer from New Jersey. I’ve been married to my dear wife, Dani, for just over 2 years. She and I attend a lovely church down by the Jersey Shore called Grace Bible Church. God has been exceedingly good to me in providing me with a great wife, a great church, and the ability to make music as a bonus on top! …