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Artist Scoop ~ Interview with Music Artist, Mogli The Iceburg

Born Jacob Horenburg, but known in the music industry as Mogli The Iceburg, Mogli is a producer and rap artist, and also part of a collective called the Indie Tribe. Mogli recently released a new album, Tumultu (read the TBAP review), full of questions that will burn in the heart of every listener, advocating for love and acceptance, and taking a stand against hate and stereotyping. Mogli is a bold artist with a heart for God and His Word, reminding the Christian (through Tumultu) not to be afraid of who God has called to be (the core message of TBAP!) and to show God’s love to all. Mogli The Iceburg took some time to answer some questions in this interview. Follow our chat and be inspired! Miranda ~ Hello Mogli! Delighted to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Mogli: Thanks for having me! I’m a rapper, producer, believer, entrepreneur, and critical thinker. Miranda ~ How did you become a Christian? Is there a story? Mogli: Well, I grew up …

Album Review ~ Jonah by KJ-52

Category Religious/Christian Genre Hip-hop/Rap Release Date January 20, 2017 Rating 4 Stars Review The 11th release by KJ-52, album, Jonah, begins on a relatively soft note with Hold On, a song aimed at inspiring hope in a listener, and then moves on to more head-nodding numbers that entertain as well as preach. The general form of the lyrics, apart from achieving its original objective of uplifting a listener, has its fair share of humor entwined in it, which adds to the overall positivity that Jonah exudes. With collaborations with artists like Curt Anderson, Chris August, Canon etc., a whole new mix of unique flavors is achieved and consequently results to an awesome Jonah, a treat that any lover of hip-hop/rap would deeply appreciate.