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Song Review ~ White Noise By CASS feat. Chris Howland

Category Religious/Christian Genre Pop/Rock Release Date August 10, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review CASS’s White Noise is a love song of appeal to God, showing the singer’s passion, zeal, and need for a relationship with God as their lover. This is what it means for Jesus to be the Groom, and us, the Bride, an aspect of the Christian faith not emphasized enough. White Noise shows the earnest pursuit of love and intimacy with God, which is a desperately needed message in music today.

Song Review ~ I Look To You By Manny Benton

Category Religious/Christian Genre Contemporary Worship/Rock/R&B Release Date July 28, 2017 Rating 4 Stars Review I Look To You by Manny Benton is a prayer and a word of encouragement that is deeply personal, yet inspiring. It is an expression of worship to God from a heart profoundly sincere and motivated by God’s goodness and faithfulness. Though, softly sung, the strength and depth of the lyrics, the unmistakable passion in Benton’s voice, combined with the soothingly powerful instrumentals, carry the full power of a song uniquely equipped to both glorify God and edify the listener, as well as soulfully entertain, as the case may be. I Look To You, another wonderful production by Sean Hill (read Hill’s interview with TBAP here), is due for release this July 28th.   Manny’s Story New pop/worship artist, Manny Benton, is set to release his debut single, I Look To You, July 28 with pre-orders starting July 17. The single will be released under Benton’s independent label, Noisemakers Music Group, LLC. Benton spent several days studying the book of Hebrews, which helped birth the song. …