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Album Review ~ Come Alive By Radiate Worship

Category Religious/Christian Genre Worship/Contemporary Rock Rating 4 Stars Review Radiate Worship’s opening inspires a glad heart and a joyful smile that wells from deep within. The powerful music of the overall album invites more than hand clapping and feet jumping; it goes farther to invite deep united worship in heart and in spirit, and in absolute surrender. The songs are heartfelt prayers that every worshiping believer can relate to, as it ushers one into the presence of God. And the bold instrumentals add life to the overall music, piercing the soul in a way that invites deeper worship. *Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to DREAM Label Group and DREAM Worship for a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  About Radiate Worship Radiate has its origin in Pinsekirken Tabernaklet Ungdom in Bergen, Norway.  The members love to discover new and groundbreaking ways of doing worship. This is reflected in their music, where they wish to create songs that communicate both their …

Album Review ~ Walk On Waves by Austin &Lindsey Adamec

Album Photo Genre Soft Rock/Contemporary Rock Rating 3.5 Stars Review A soft rock/contemporary album, Austin and Lindsey Adamec don’t shy away from expressing their gratitude, praise, and vulnerability before God. They tell the story of the Bible/Gospel with the intent to worship God and tell the world of His goodness! Clearly, the songs were engineered in a manner that the instrumentation doesn’t overshadow the more important element of their music/ministry—the message in the lyrics—as listening to it sends you into a powerful but soothing mode of worship. Walk On Waves is a different-flavored kind of rock than what we’re used to—a lovely addition to the contemporary genre! Also, it doesn’t hurt that Austin and Lindsey kept their songs/album short and sweet!