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Album Review ~ There Is A Cloud by Elevation Worship

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Contemporary Worship Release Date March 17, 2017 Rating 5 Stars Review There Is A Cloud is an exceptional album with songs whose lyrics are uplifting and soul-soothing. The Christian listener, firstly, through the theme song There Is A Cloud (and subsequent others), is reminded of the promises of God, a message that tells the child of God that s/he is not forgotten—God is faithful; He hasn’t failed us yet! Instrumentation is powerful—a collection of symphonies that, however, don’t overwhelm the singing in any way, but rather add to the overall beauty of the worship. This album is a testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness, put together in a way that a listener would be truly blessed—each lyric was clearly carefully selected for this purpose! There Is A Cloud is most definitely a lovely album. If you’re in the market for a joyous, encouraging, uplifting, and entertaining music, look no further than Elevation Worship’s latest release, There Is A Cloud.

Album Review ~ This Changes Everything by Cana’s Voice

Album Photo Genre Urban Country/Contemporary Worship Rating 4 Stars Review The music of this album comes off initially as a semi-acapella, urban country, and the traditional contemporary worship. In a time when the norm is rock/pop/hip-hop, this is a welcome change! Most of the lyrics are simple and easy to follow so that not much effort is required for a sing-along if you pay enough attention. This light-hearted worship album that takes one back to the traditional worship setting is uplifting, joyful, and most definitely nostalgic in a beautiful way!