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Movie Review ~ An Interview With God By Astute Films, Big Indie Pictures & Giving Films

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Drama/Mystery Release Date August 21, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review A solemn, thought-provoking, but overall, hope-inspiring story that centers on the relationship between God and man and how this affects life on earth generally, as well as how it applies to individual living. An Interview With God presents a scenario where the all-knowing God seeks to help man dig deep into the questions of life that matter the most, but are rarely asked because of fear or negligence. Paul (Brendon Thwaites), the journalist, confronts God (David Straithairn) at first, with mockery questions, and subsequently, accusations, which God wisely points out the sources from which each unique issue arises. Interestingly, this story is not cliché at all, as it approaches the man-meets-God scenario with finesse and a unique twist that presents an altogether faith-inspiring message that is timeless. A well-rounded story! Advertisements

Movie Review ~ A Fragile World

Movie Banner Fragile World, an inspirational feature film from the makers of Leaving Limbo, centers on  Rosalie, a lonely interior decorator with a history of delusions who falls for a dashing stranger who may or may not be real.  Awarded Best Feature Film at HolyWood of New York and the Glendale International Film Festival (where it also took Best Director and Best Actress), the story ponders the depths of human loss, the fragile framework of the human mind, and the road to emotional and spiritual healing. “Like the Bruce Willis film, The Sixth Sense, and Nicole Kidman’s The Others, only with a religious note, Fragile World is something you’ll find you have to talk about once the end credits are played.” ~ Dr. Fred Eichelman Category Christian/Inspirational Genre Drama Rating 4 Stars Review Fragile World by Sandy Boikian (of Bruised Reed Productions), a story about people suffering from Dementia, was an interesting surprise. When I started watching the movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but fantastically, I smiled at the end. The movie had quite an impressive opening that kept me hooked, …