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Website Review ~ Vooks

Category Online/Website Genre Library/Children/Animation Rating 4 Stars Review Vooks is a wonderful children’s library that brings to life the words in a book in a magical way. Through Vooks, a child can get the full experience of both reading a book and watching an animated movie. Special attention was paid to viewing delivery so that it is pretty engaging, and this makes it easy for a child to not only follow, but to also grasp what a story is trying to portray. This explains why vooks is a favorite and trustworthy resource for teachers–it makes their work easier! But anyone can use vooks. Anyone. For a lovely, learning and relaxing story time with your child, vooks will certainly not disappoint, as it promises a satisfying experience. *Try for 30 days free. Sign up at *Though I offer this review to the public, it’s my opinion and simply that. A ‘thank you’ to Momentum Influencer Network and Vooks for a sample of the product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Film Review ~ Colors of Character

Category Religious/Christian Genre Documentary Rating 5 Stars Review Steve Skipper’s is a powerful story that puts on display God’s redemptive, restorative and uplifting power. From the drug-pushing lows of the projects to respectable prominence in the art world, Skipper’s story highlights the truth that there isn’t anything that God’s unfailing love cannot cut through to save those weeping in their souls—and the lengths that He would go to, to lead them to realize their need of a saviour. A theme that prevails throughout this story is one where the Father speaks, and His child listens, trusts, and obeys. This strikes at the heart of what is essential to succeeding in your calling as a child of God—you never know where the wind of the Holy Spirit will blow and take you to, and the work that can be accomplished through obedience, as well as the revelation which unfolds that, living for God is truly larger than life in the way that your mind could ever perceive. A much needed and very well presented true story …