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Album Review ~ Follow Through by Unspoken

Album Photo Genre Pop/Rock Release Date August 26th, 2016 Rating 4.5 Stars Review A true testament of faith and God’s goodness, a splendid sacrifice of praise and worship, and a relentless gospel-telling piece, Follow Through is an album full of positive energy, spiritual upliftment, and, it doesn’t hold back in melody power. From Higher to Roots, each song is lyrically beautiful—packed with God’s Word and truthful life experiences that will resonate with any believer, which is a lovely design to mend broken faiths, hearts and spirits! Interesting additions to the conventional pop/rockish mixes in the album were the two final songs, Can’t Deny Your Love, a delicious Latin-pop music, and Roots, which had an African-praise flavor to it. Worthy mentions include Life In The Death Of Me and Soldier. With wonderful and thought-provoking lyrics that will remind a Christian of where they stand with God, Follow Through is an album worthy of your attention this summer.  

Album Review ~ This Glorious Grace by Austin Stone Worship

Album Photo Genre Christian/Contemporary Rock Rating 4 Stars Reviews Definitely worshipful! This is the kind of music you listen to when you want to worship God and stand in awe of Him, and you need that booster that also helps you express yourself better with the right words—the lyrics are that beautiful! The music is traditional in every way, and at the same time, there’s that modern contemporary flair that’s quite endearing. There’s an expression of relentless faith that flows from the lyrics and beats into the heart and soul of the listener, so that you find yourself meditating on God’s Word, even as you enjoy the music—what a combination! Good deal if you ask me. As always I mention my favorite number—You Never Change (track 3). About Austin Stone Worship Austin Stone Worship is a collection of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, storytellers and artists serving and equipping the Church with content rich in theology, mission, and expression. As a ministry of The Austin Stone in Austin, TX, we are dedicated to proclaiming the beautiful …

Album Review ~ Forward by Jonas Park & David Bollman

Album Photo Genre Alternate Rock/Contemporary Worship My Rating ***** (5 Stars) My Review This is a hope-filled album of gratitude, and reverence to God, with lyrics layered with evidence of deep faith and awe-inspired worship, even coercing/leading you to feel the same way as you listen, so that it reaches far beyond entertainment to a realm where you enjoy fellowship with God. The songs have an alternate quality to its rock, at the same time maintaining a soft, atmospheric mode, so that the instruments don’t overshadow the vocals, but are merely/clearly a support to the worship. You can think of the overall output as a comp between Hillsong and Chris Taylor—very nicely done! The album has six songs in all—swift to listen to, but likely to persuade you to leave it on repeat. Find this post on facebook. About Jonas Park & David Bollmann Jonas Park is a worship leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and David Bollmann is part of band called Rekapse based in Virginia Beach. They are great …