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Artist Scoop! ~ Interview with Christian “Heriam” Ross

The Case For Christ:  Songs Inspired By the Original Motion Picture is an album by DREAM Records in connection with the film, The Case For Christ, based on Lee Strobel’s best selling book of the same name.  Both the film and the songs-inspired album released on April 7, 2017.  The album features songs from some of the largest church worship teams in the world such as NewSpring Worship, New Hope Oahu, Lakewood, Seacoast Worship, G12 and many more. Christian “Heriam” Ross, wrote and sang the song, Your Moment Has Come. Heriam has taken some time to speak to us today. Follow our chat below! Miranda ~ Hello Heriam! Honored to have you visit TBAP today. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself? Heriam: Absolutely! I’m from Dallas, Texas, where I live with my wife and two kiddos. Music is obviously my greatest passion, and I’ve been playing some sort of instrument since I was 6 or 7 years old. Both my parents and their dads were musicians so I just wanted to do what they were doing. I picked …

Artist Scoop ~ Interview with For King & Country’s Joel Smallbone

For King & Country has been a powerful voice of gospel and entertainment music for five years now. Since they first started, they’ve amassed an envious fan base that speaks of the quality of their music on a spiritual level, as well as an emotional one. In 2016, they decided, along with their brother, Ben Smallbone, to branch into filmmaking, producing the movie, Priceless, which turned out to be a delight on the entertainment front (you can read the TBAP review here)! Staring in this movie was one of the brother’s in the band, Joel Smallbone. Joel took some time out to answer a few questions. Join our chat below! Miranda ~ Hello Joel! Delighted to have you visit TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself and, what is music to you? Joel: My brother, Luke, and I, who make up the two front men of FOR KING & COUNTRY, have been a band for 5 years now; it’s been a really humbling and thrilling journey—a lot of highs and lows, and we’ve experienced some very …

Album Review ~ Jonah by KJ-52

Category Religious/Christian Genre Hip-hop/Rap Release Date January 20, 2017 Rating 4 Stars Review The 11th release by KJ-52, album, Jonah, begins on a relatively soft note with Hold On, a song aimed at inspiring hope in a listener, and then moves on to more head-nodding numbers that entertain as well as preach. The general form of the lyrics, apart from achieving its original objective of uplifting a listener, has its fair share of humor entwined in it, which adds to the overall positivity that Jonah exudes. With collaborations with artists like Curt Anderson, Chris August, Canon etc., a whole new mix of unique flavors is achieved and consequently results to an awesome Jonah, a treat that any lover of hip-hop/rap would deeply appreciate.

Album Review ~ The Thrill of Hope by Christy Nockels

Category/Genre Christian/Holiday/Contemporary Release Date November 4, 2016 Rating 4.5 Stars Review The first feeling that came to mind when the instruments of the first track started playing, was a rush of positive anticipation. The Thrill of Hope is a beautiful combo of hymn-like songs and contemporary music sang with such heart and genuineness of faith and love for God—evidently heard in Nockels’ voice. These songs bring a freshness of worship that adds harmoniously to the Christmas spirit and season, reminding a listener of what Christmas is all about—a time to worship God and be thankful for the gift of faith and salvation that came with the birth of the Son of God.

Album Review ~ Black Canvas: UWMA 2 by Brinson

Album Photo Genre Hip-hop/Rap Release Date June 3rd, 2016. Rating 3 Stars Review Say it like it is, is what I’ll label this album. Though just seven tracks, it is clear that a major theme is discouragement of ‘religion,’ showing instead with its lyrics, the power of grace, with the directness that hip-hop is known for. The hip-hop style is traditional and conventional—nothing out of the ordinary. Any hip-hop lover searching for a good, old-fashioned holy entertainment that will refresh their faith will be contented with this one!

Album Review ~ Walk On Waves by Austin &Lindsey Adamec

Album Photo Genre Soft Rock/Contemporary Rock Rating 3.5 Stars Review A soft rock/contemporary album, Austin and Lindsey Adamec don’t shy away from expressing their gratitude, praise, and vulnerability before God. They tell the story of the Bible/Gospel with the intent to worship God and tell the world of His goodness! Clearly, the songs were engineered in a manner that the instrumentation doesn’t overshadow the more important element of their music/ministry—the message in the lyrics—as listening to it sends you into a powerful but soothing mode of worship. Walk On Waves is a different-flavored kind of rock than what we’re used to—a lovely addition to the contemporary genre! Also, it doesn’t hurt that Austin and Lindsey kept their songs/album short and sweet!

A Message from Sanctus Real

I remember the first time I heard the song, Whatever You’re Doing by Sanctus Real. I cried. I was going through a very tough time, and I had a lot of questions to ask God. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, and so a lot of things remained bottled up inside me. When I first listened to the song, it resonated with me on a very deep level, and the floodgates opened. The lyrics couldn’t be truer than how I felt on the inside. And in that moment, I knew that I wasn’t alone in feeling the way I did. Someone, somewhere in this world, had been through a similar situation that led them to believe that their inside was chaos, just like mine felt. Yet, their faith remained unbroken and wouldn’t let them rebel against God. The peace that followed when I realized this was tremendous! Funny how songs sometimes preach to us better than sermons. So if you’re in a place where these words resonate with you too, it’s my prayer that the …