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Movie Review ~ An Interview With God By Astute Films, Big Indie Pictures & Giving Films

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Drama/Mystery Release Date August 21, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review A solemn, thought-provoking, but overall, hope-inspiring story that centers on the relationship between God and man and how this affects life on earth generally, as well as how it applies to individual living. An Interview With God presents a scenario where the all-knowing God seeks to help man dig deep into the questions of life that matter the most, but are rarely asked because of fear or negligence. Paul (Brendon Thwaites), the journalist, confronts God (David Straithairn) at first, with mockery questions, and subsequently, accusations, which God wisely points out the sources from which each unique issue arises. Interestingly, this story is not cliché at all, as it approaches the man-meets-God scenario with finesse and a unique twist that presents an altogether faith-inspiring message that is timeless. A well-rounded story!

Author scoop ~ Chatting Moments With Charles Salzberg!

It’s a tour stop!     I book blog for JKS Communications occasionally, so when Swann’s lake of Despair first caught my eye, I thought, why not interview the author behind this book? I published a review of Lake of Despair yesterday. You can read it here. In the meanwhile, let’s get to know Charles a little more than what his bio offers. Join us below.   Me: Hello Charles! Honored to have you visit To Be A Person. Please tell us something informal about yourself. And, Coffee or tea? Charles: I’m a writer and I teach writing and I live in New York City. I don’t have a dog or a cat or a goldfish or even a plant, but I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (I was born and raised in New York City, but on the East Side) and there are plenty of dogs and cats and even grass and trees. I began wanting to be a fiction writer, but when I saw I couldn’t make a decent living …

Virtual Blog Tour & Book Review ~ Swann’s Lake of Despair by Charles Salzberg

About the Book MISSING PHOTOS, A MISSING DIARY AND A MISSING WOMAN: THREE MYSTERIES CONVERGE IN NEW THRILLER Award-winning novelist Charles Salzberg releases ‘Swann’s Lake of Despair’ Oct. 22 NEW YORK CITY – Where mystery lurks, detective Henry Swann is not far behind. The offbeat private investigator is back in “Swann’s Lake of Despair,” award-winning author Charles Salzberg’s newest installment in his successful mystery series. This time, Swann is charged with solving three challenging cases when rare photos of bombshell Marilyn Monroe, a scandalous diary and a beautiful woman all disappear. Salzberg’s latest book comes out Oct. 22, 2014. The story takes off with an offer for Swann to team up with his careless, unreliable frenemy Goldblatt. The disbarred lawyer-turned-“facilitator” would provide the leads and muscle, while Swann would do all the fancy footwork. A missing diary penned by a free-loving jazz flapper is worth enough to someone that Swann takes a beat down on an abandoned boardwalk. Pilfered photos propel him deep into the past of an alcoholic photographer, his wife; and he’s hired …