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Scoop ~ Interview With Northwood Worship

Northwood Worship is a group of songwriting friends who are also pastors and worship leaders at Northwood Church, whose new album, Who You Are, has a genre that offers the beautiful element of a different taste than the conventional contemporary praise/worship that most worship teams are known for, and they do it in a way that shows diversity and open-heartedness in songwriting, music style and sound. NW took the time to share some thoughts with TBAP today. Take a look! Miranda ~ Hello! Super glad to have Northwood Worship visit TBAP today. Tell us a bit about NW? NW: Thanks so much for having us. We are a group of friends that all attend Northwood Church on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’ve done some different projects over the years, but really got serious to do a new album about 2 years ago. Since that time, we got hooked up with Dream Worship and so we’re excited to seeing this album get out there. Miranda ~ NW has a unique brand of genre, a little different …

Album Review ~ Control Vol. 2 By Joel Vaughn

Category Religious/Christian Genre Urban Pop Rating 5 Stars Review Control Vol. 2 begins with such energy and vibes that prepare the heart and soul for worship and praise, as is mirrored in the opening song, Unreserved. Joel Vaughn brings the flavor unique to him that breathes passion and unreserved surrender to a God he believes in, and this shines through in his voice and music. It’s impossible to miss—and almost unforgivable not to mention—the undeniable growth of the singer and songwriter in Vaughn. The increased confidence in craft is evident, amiable, contagious, and inspiring, as though Vaughn not only knows what He is about, but believes the truth preached in his music, lives by them, and now offers them to the world. Since Control Vol. 2 picked up from where Vol. 1 left off (read the TBAP review here), the same theme runs through—Letting Go and Letting God, which is the best decision any individual could ever make. The songs portray various situations and circumstances where faith may be tested, and the believer is reminded …

Album Review ~ Symphony By Switch

Category/Genre Pop/R&B Release Date February 8, 2019. Rating 5 Stars Review Switch is a refreshing voice full of life and passion whose music softly but powerfully provokes heartfelt body-swaying while blessing the soul with thought-provoking lyrics, which is a wonderful way to open an album. Symphony’s theme invites the listener to join in the heartfelt worship of Jesus in a way that is joyful, entertaining, and is as much a heartfelt prayer. Look out for the overly lovely Lifeline (#1) & Heartbeat (#4). Symphony is an overall lovely EP, and Switch are a group worth paying attention to!   About Switch Life.Church, a multisite Christian church that started in 1996, meets in 29 locations in nine states (USA) and globally at Church Online. Switch is the middle school and high school ministry of Life.Church. Over 7,000 students at locations nationwide gather together to worship God, build Christ-centered community, and grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. Worship leaders from across the Life.Church organization collaborate to create music and worship for Switch.

Album Review ~ The Ruins By The Ruins

Category/Genre Pop/Alternative Release Date February 1, 2019. Rating 4.5 Stars Review The Ruins present an honest expression of human struggles in the journey of faith—one full of hope and faith in God’s promises, and with a positive spirit that reflects deep passion, in a soft, mature, and pleasant manner. The Ruins are a fresh voice with urban lyrics that speak with a unique flavor of metaphor which  is impressively interesting, and expressed with an eclectic blend of pop and alternative, which in itself, is also impressive. With this type of music, The Ruins look like they’re here to stay.   About The Ruins The Group’s debut EP on DREAM Records will be releasing on February 1st, 2019. It is their soul-stirring revelation of grace and redemption; their razor-sharp pop sensibilities, and the generosity of two artists who know how to ebb and flow, give and take, while balancing reality with hope. The debut radio single will be Deliverance. It is a pop-alternative gem that captures the essence of the duo—sonically and philosophically. Deliverance released on …

Album Review ~ Hiding Place By Tori Kelly

Category Religious/Christian Genre Gospel R&B/Pop/Soul Release Date September 14, 2018. Rating 5 Stars Review Tori Kelly’s Hiding Place is rich with soul, vulnerability and truth. Her heart, lyrics and voice touch to the deepest parts, whether she’s hitting the highest notes or riding the lowest pitches. Clearly intentional and delicate about her theme, it is obvious Kelly aimed to inspire faith, hope, and love for the darkest of times with her story, as she boldly tells about the goodness and faithfulness of God in leading her through her toughest times and supplying her joy, strength, and love for God, herself, and others when she needed it the most. Kelly may have aimed to bless and inspire, but it’s simply impossible not to be entertained by Hiding Place, as each unique song touches on something that resonates on a personal level with most living souls. *Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My gratitude to Propeller Consulting, LLC for a free CD copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  

Song Review ~ Now Or Never By Tyler Russell

Genre Pop Release Date August 15, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review Tyler Russell’s Now or Never can be easily described as reverberating, catchy, and fun. While it isn’t particularly Christian, it carries an inspirational theme of love and celebration of life that is clearly birthed from a place of faith, reminding the listener of how precious the gift of life is. The anthem-like Now or Never echoes a heart that celebrates romantic love, the gratitude of living in the moment and enjoying every bit of it…just as God would have us do!

Song Review ~ White Noise By CASS feat. Chris Howland

Category Religious/Christian Genre Pop/Rock Release Date August 10, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review CASS’s White Noise is a love song of appeal to God, showing the singer’s passion, zeal, and need for a relationship with God as their lover. This is what it means for Jesus to be the Groom, and us, the Bride, an aspect of the Christian faith not emphasized enough. White Noise shows the earnest pursuit of love and intimacy with God, which is a desperately needed message in music today.