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Album Review ~ Symphony By Switch

Category/Genre Pop/R&B Release Date February 8, 2019. Rating 5 Stars Review Switch is a refreshing voice full of life and passion whose music softly but powerfully provokes heartfelt body-swaying while blessing the soul with thought-provoking lyrics, which is a wonderful way to open an album. Symphony’s theme invites the listener to join in the heartfelt worship of Jesus in a way that is joyful, entertaining, and is as much a heartfelt prayer. Look out for the overly lovely Lifeline (#1) & Heartbeat (#4). Symphony is an overall lovely EP, and Switch are a group worth paying attention to!   About Switch Life.Church, a multisite Christian church that started in 1996, meets in 29 locations in nine states (USA) and globally at Church Online. Switch is the middle school and high school ministry of Life.Church. Over 7,000 students at locations nationwide gather together to worship God, build Christ-centered community, and grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. Worship leaders from across the Life.Church organization collaborate to create music and worship for Switch.

Album Review ~ Hiding Place By Tori Kelly

Category Religious/Christian Genre Gospel R&B/Pop/Soul Release Date September 14, 2018. Rating 5 Stars Review Tori Kelly’s Hiding Place is rich with soul, vulnerability and truth. Her heart, lyrics and voice touch to the deepest parts, whether she’s hitting the highest notes or riding the lowest pitches. Clearly intentional and delicate about her theme, it is obvious Kelly aimed to inspire faith, hope, and love for the darkest of times with her story, as she boldly tells about the goodness and faithfulness of God in leading her through her toughest times and supplying her joy, strength, and love for God, herself, and others when she needed it the most. Kelly may have aimed to bless and inspire, but it’s simply impossible not to be entertained by Hiding Place, as each unique song touches on something that resonates on a personal level with most living souls. *Though I offer this review to the public, it is my opinion and simply that. My gratitude to Propeller Consulting, LLC for a free CD copy in exchange for my honest opinion.  

Album Review ~ Upside Down By Long Hollow WAVE

Category Religious/Christian Genre Christian/Contemporary/Pop Release Date August, 2017 Rating 4.5 Stars Review Long Hollow WAVE’s Upside Down opens with the amazing and catchy You Are My Revival, ushering a mode of praise with danceable tunes that inspire feet tapping, head nodding, and hand clapping. The lyrics of Upside down, clearly, are lovingly put together to tell a love story between God and the person who loves Jesus (as witnessed in song #3, The Name, and others). Upside Down breathes joy and worship for God while fearlessly declaring God’s love and faithfulness. Interestingly, this album displays a sumptuous blend of contemporary praise, worship, classic pop and R&B (of which, songs of the latter two groups appear to be something straight out of a pure deluxe album), a unique flavor that is altogether quintessentially fresh and refreshing! There’s a soulfulness to the R&B that rings deep and true so that they sincerely present as the love songs truly intended to bless God’s heart.   About Long Hollow WAVE Long Hollow WAVE is a worship band and ministry …

Pray For Abigail Duhon

Abigail Duhon is fast becoming a household name. A rising star in Christian cinema and the music industry, this young woman is soundly capable of the triple treat—acting, singing, and dancing—required by any entertainment industry to succeed. Clearly, she’s hardworking. She’s starred in deeply inspirational movies that have shaken the world (God’s Not Dead franchise, Caged No More, I’m Not Ashamed etc.), opened for artists like Newsboys and For King and Country in national tours since 2013, and worked with the industry’s best such as writers, Chuck Butler (Brandon Heath, Royal Tailor), Jamie Moore (TobyMac), Aaron Rice (TobyMac), Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, Britt Nicole), Ahmande “Mondo Grimes” (Nicole C. Mullen), as well as being mentored/coached by former Mouseketeer, Jennifer McGill, and industry veteran, Diane Sheets. Duhon is also a contributor for the Christian Post. Duhon has steadily risen to a sturdy and formidable place in the Christian Entertainment industry. With two albums under her belt, and her third and self-titled one due to be released May 26th (read the TBAP review here), her influence will likely …

Album Review ~ Abigail Duhon

Category Religious/Christian Genre Pop/R&B Release Date May 26, 2017 Rating 4 Stars Review Abigail Duhon album opens with Into The Light, a number with an urban, South America-nish beat, easy to follow and sing along (once you’ve grabbed the easily-learned lyrics)—and quite head-nodding in its own right! The lyrics show a heart full of love and trust for God. There, clearly, is a strength in Duhon that is obvious in each song. Duhon sings with a maturity that belies her age. She truly is an artist (and actor) to look out for, one that will likely influence the younger generation in a massive way and lead them to Jesus. Her courage is outstanding as is shown in this album. Though the lyrics are generally simple, they reach deep down into the heart of a listener. This is what happens when an artist keeps it real. About Abigail Duhon Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Abigail discovered her passion for music immediately after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the family home and nearly took every natural possession …