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Scoop ~ Interview With Northwood Worship

Northwood Worship is a group of songwriting friends who are also pastors and worship leaders at Northwood Church, whose new album, Who You Are, has a genre that offers the beautiful element of a different taste than the conventional contemporary praise/worship that most worship teams are known for, and they do it in a way that shows diversity and open-heartedness in songwriting, music style and sound. NW took the time to share some thoughts with TBAP today. Take a look! Miranda ~ Hello! Super glad to have Northwood Worship visit TBAP today. Tell us a bit about NW? NW: Thanks so much for having us. We are a group of friends that all attend Northwood Church on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’ve done some different projects over the years, but really got serious to do a new album about 2 years ago. Since that time, we got hooked up with Dream Worship and so we’re excited to seeing this album get out there. Miranda ~ NW has a unique brand of genre, a little different …

Album Review ~ The Outcome By The Church Vessel

Category Religious/Christian Genre Contemporary Rock/Praise/Worship Release Date September 21, 2018. Rating 5 Stars Review The Outcome begins joyfully, inspiring a heart of worship and dance to God. The lyrics don’t hold back, reminding the believer of Who God is—His faithfulness and goodness! The instrumentals collide with the lyrics to create magnificent music of praise to the one true God. The Outcome album promises an indisputable message of faith, hope, and love—the kind that is joyous and unshakable—because it is found alone in God. The Outcome song (#3 & #4) summarizes the entire theme of the album beautifully. A powerful song of worship and victory that presents dauntless faith, fiery hope, and courageous love for God and people that preaches the truth and power of God’s glorious splendor, which overcomes the darkness and breaks every chain and sets free. In it is a message of the pathway to healing for every kind of brokenness, stronghold, and bondage through worship. The Outcome album is good music to soak your soul in as you pray, worship, work, go …

Album Review ~ Red For War By Zahna

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Rock Release Date August 17, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review This pure rock release is a breath of fresh air as Zahna doesn’t hold back in expressing her passion for God and her zeal for a relationship with Him. She lets out a vulnerability through the lyrics that is rarely seen, and the instrumentals match melody and lyrics in perfection. For a hint of Zahna’s style of music, think Barlow Girl meets Jesus Culture + Unique Zahna!

Song Review ~ White Noise By CASS feat. Chris Howland

Category Religious/Christian Genre Pop/Rock Release Date August 10, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review CASS’s White Noise is a love song of appeal to God, showing the singer’s passion, zeal, and need for a relationship with God as their lover. This is what it means for Jesus to be the Groom, and us, the Bride, an aspect of the Christian faith not emphasized enough. White Noise shows the earnest pursuit of love and intimacy with God, which is a desperately needed message in music today.

Song (Single) Review ~ The Breakup Song By Francesca Battistelli

Category Religious/Christian/Inspirational Genre Alternative/Rock Release Date June 15, 2018. Rating 5 Stars Review A song about identity and boldness in Jesus that produces the confidence to shine for Him, live for God, and tell the world the truth about the salvation that is available for all. This is a song with heart and strength. About Francesca Battistelli Francesca Battistelli is a Dove and Grammy Award winning Christian pop artist who began her music career at a young age. She took acting classes and dance lessons that helped earn her a spot in the Orlando-based teen pop group, Bella, at the age of fifteen. After the group disbanded, she attended a youth ministry where her interest in Christian pop music piqued and grew, also learning to play the guitar to help with her own songwriting. She released her first album, Just a Breath, an independent, in 2004. And then in 2008, through Fervent Records, released the EP, I’m Letting Go, and then later that year, a full-length, My Paper Heart, as a Billboard Top 40, as well …

Album Review ~ AWOL By Kevin Max

Category General Genre Rock/Electric Release Date June 8, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review In this 70’s style rock feature, Max presents AWOL with a unique flavor of general mixes that isn’t often heard, with deeply metaphorical lyrics that have an eccentric quality to them, which are endearing in their unique sort of way. Max aims to bare his soul—no holding back—as he presents an overall story that includes struggles, victories, adventures, celebrations, deep thoughts, beliefs and [almost] everything in-between so that its message is an honest experience of human life and dreams. AWOL is strikingly thought-provoking, eccentrically deep, and uniquely entertaining. About Kevin Max Often perceived as the eccentric, attention-seeking member of the CCM trio DC Talk, Kevin Max grew up outside of Grand Rapids, MI. Formerly known as Kevin Smith, music played a vital part in his formative years. Max started singing at the age of four and remembers “being carted around to schools, churches, and radio programs.” He attended college at Virginia’s Liberty University, where he met fellow DC Talk members Toby McKeehan …

Album Review ~ Sweetness & Sorrow By Jonny Diaz

Category Religious/Christian Genre Rock Release Date June 8, 2018. Rating 4.5 Stars Review A baring of the soul, the truth of the gospel, a love song, an encouragement to a brother/sister—all these are entwined in the album’s whole to produce a revealing cascade of what Christian living is all about. The thoughtful lyrics are clearly born from a place of soulful depth and is inescapably thought-provoking, so that you nod your head in acknowledgment of its truth as you meditate and enjoy the overall high quality music. There couldn’t have been better words than “Sweetness” and “Sorrow” to merge together to describe the essence of this album—not that it denotes any form of tragedy, but that in the realness of life, though the two are mingled together, with Jesus in the center of it all, the overall outcome is blessed faith, increased love, and greater hope. You can’t miss these three in the music of Sweetness & Sorrow.

Album Review ~ Moments By UPPERROOM

Category Religious/Christian Genre Contemporary Rock/Worship Release Date May 18, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review Passionate shouts of worship from the voices of Abbie Simmons, Meredith Mauldin, SarahBeth Smith, and Elyssa Smith, showcase hearts that are sincere in their worship of God, boldly displaying their faith through music as they invite and lead others to do the same. The depth of passion is unmistakable and most prominent in UPPERROOM’s music as it offers a glimpse that let’s one believe they’ve indeed dined with Jesus and are willing to share what they’ve received in abundance—this is the heart and desire of the Master! That all would come to Him and receive life and the passion to truly live.

Album Review ~ God Of The Impossible By Lincoln Brewster

Category Religious/Christian Genre Pop/Rock/Praise/Worship Release Date May 4, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review In his ever classic pop/rock style of praise and worship, Brewster hits the music scene with another fantastic drop that blesses the soul and entertains the heart in a way that tells you there’s more where that came from. There’s an evident overflow from Brewster’s faith that testifies that God is real and is good. It shows in his grateful praise, adoring worship, and overflowing joy. God Of The Impossible was meant to lead hearts into a realm of complete surrender and trust before the God Who in His presence there is love, peace, joy, and comfort—endlessly! About Lincoln Brewster For as long as he can remember, music has been an integral part of Lincoln Brewster’s life. By age two, he was using broken drumsticks  to keep  time at his  mom’s band rehearsals. At age five, he was playing the mandolin for tourists in a port town in Alaska. And by age nine, he had picked up the electric guitar. But music …

Album Review ~ Alpenglow By Cameron Moore

Category Religious/Christian Genre Rock Release Date January 26, 2018. Rating 4 Stars Review There’s a passionate and soulful attribute to the manner in which Moore opens the song, Alpenglow (by which the album is titled), setting the tone for the rest of the songs in the album. The organic feel from the sounds of the acoustics and electrics serves the element of deep satisfaction for praise/worship, prayer/meditation, as well as good music. Moore sings with a mature simplicity and depth that in no way hides his enthusiasm for worshiping God. Alpenglow is a well-rounded album of songs that nudge the listener to aspire to pure worship, while providing a soothing atmosphere for tranquil moments.   About Cameron Moore Cameron is a 23 year old who resides in the state of North Carolina. At the age of seven, Cameron began learning guitar. A number of years later, when Cameron was fourteen, he joined a band at his church. The band encouraged him to become the lead singer as they prepared to lead worship for youth events …