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Actor Scoop ~ Interview with Steve Alberts

Remember the short film, Children of War, by writer, producer, and director, Apolonia Davalos (read the TBAP review here)? I t was a lovely movie, and after having the privilege of privately viewing this movie, the lead actor, Steve Alberts is with us today! Follow our chat below and learn more about this talented gentleman! Miranda ~ Hello Steve! Thank you for visiting TBAP today. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Steve  ~ I’m 71 years old, married, and I have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. I love to hunt, fish, carve wood, play golf, and be creative.  I am pleased that God gave me a West Virginia heritage, raised me in the Appalachian Mountains, and gave me a love for the people of West Virginia.  I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from WVU, and, I love my WVU Mountaineer sports teams. Also, I treasure my family and friends. Miranda ~  Are you a Christian? If so, when did you first become one? Tell us your story. 
 Steve  ~ I became a …